Allows you to cut an X in the vinyl corners and connect the tent frame to a connecting frame to the front of your tent.

Four way angle is used at tent corners and ridge, instead of a 3 way angle, to connect to  an extended fly frame or porch frame or cook shack frame.

Vinyl corners will not unravel like canvas if vinyl is cut.

Small X allows no wind to enter tent and no heat loss.

The best way to determine where to cut your X in the vinyl is to set tent up with normal 3 ways on the end of your tent.  Draw a circle  on the vinyl corner around the   end of the 3 way angle.  

Remove 3 way angles. Use a knife or razor blade to cut an X inside the circle.

When assembling your tent frame, if you have a front frame extension, always put the canvas over the tent  end first that has the 4 way angles.