Price $2950 $2750 $2450 $2200
Tent Heating Size 16x24 14x16 16x24 12x14
Used In Off Grid Buildings Yes Yes No No
Temperature at Fire Chamber 900 700 900 700
Temperature at Heat Exchanger 500 400 400 500
Pellet Consumption LBS/Per Hour 5 4.5 5 4.5
Height 37" 31.5" 37" 31.5"
Weight 110 lbs 75 lbs 100 lbs 65 lbs
Minimum Distance from Tent Wall/Combustible 31 31 24 24


The Clarry stove is non electric.

Clarry Pellet stoves are the highest quality portable stoves on the market.  It was originally designed for use only in canvas tents.

However, now new Clarry stove models, CST and CSS, can be used  to heat homes, off the  electric grid cabins, work shops, line shacks and other detached buildings.

Gravity fed – non electric.

Set up time 5 minutes.

Made from steel tubing with heat resistant paint

All hoppers hold 40 lbs.

Stainless steel fire grates.

It should be emphasized that clarry pellet RME and RE stoves should never be used in houses, trailers, mobile homes, manufactured homes. Only stoves that are approved by Underwriters Limited can be used in structures listed.  If you have a fire in a structure listed above your insurance will be void.