5" stove pipe opening to 4" on top pipe Four Dog Five Dog
Tent Heating Capability (0 Degrees) 16x20 18x24
Tent Heating Capability (-30 Degrees) 14x16 16x20
Dimensions 24L x 15.5w x 11.5h 26L x 15.5w x 15h
Size of Firebox/Stove 2.55 Cubic Feet 3.5 Cubic Feet
Burn Time 9-10 Hours 10-11 Hours
Weight-Stove only 58 lbs 66 lbs
Stove height with legs 24" 28"
Standard Package (shelf, nesting stove pipe, damper w/sleeve) not available
not available

Deluxe Package 

Water tank + Std Package 

not available
 not available

                                 *FOUR DOG STOVES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE********



Baffle is a plate 2" below stove pipe hole x 8.5" wide + width of stove.

3 Benefits of Baffle

  1. More Efficient: forces flames,heat to go around baffle before exiting firebox.
  2. Safer. Prevents most sparks landing on tent roof or surrounding area. Spark arrestor is still recommended to reduce chance of spark burning a hole in canvas roof.
  3. Cleaner Tent. Almost all ash stays in the firebox due to the baffle plate.

Four Dog stove sides, bottom and top are 13 gauge - 3/32" steel

Fiberglass seal on door - airtight stove is more efficient and requires less wood. The Four Dog stove is one of four tent wood stoves that I am aware of that has air tight doors. An air tight door is an important factor when considering which wall tent stove to buy.

Four Dog packages do not include rain cap or spark arrestor.  View Add To This Order below to add a rain cap/spark arrestor to your order. A 4" rain cap/spark arrestor is required.  4 Dog nesting pipe starts at 5" at the stove and then the nesting pipe necks down to  4" at the top.

An inline spark arrestor will significantly reduce ashes and sparks going up your stove pipe and then landing on your tent roof. View below. 5" required.

Four Dog accessories fit inside firebox

Quality galvanized steel nesting stove pipe, 5" at stove, 4" at pipe end. Stove pipes fit inside each other, large to small, for storage and transport in firebox. Total length of assembled pipe, 77".

Door air intake diverter prevents sparks from popping out through door air intake hole. Having an air intake diverter on the stove door is a critical requirement if you have a tent floor. Sparks landing on vinyl or non fire proof canvas can possibly start a fire.

Stove top reinforced with a 3/8" square steel bar, 7" from front and also 7" from rear. 5 Dog also reinforced with 3/8" square bar on sides.

Easy installation clip in legs

Handles on back and front of stove for easy transport. The handles on each of the stoves make the Four Dog stove much easier for one person to transport than other stoves. More importantly, handles easily allows 2 people to carry the stove. Which is quite important when considering the weight of a heavy stove with all accessories stored inside the firebox.

Burns coal or wood. If you plan on burning coal it is best to use a grate to allow air under the coal for the coal to burn better. You should remove the ash daily when using coal. Otherwise the ash will fill up the area under the grate negating the effectiveness of the grate.