SIZE Fire, Water
Mildew Treated
Angle Kit
8 x 10 $800 3 Rafter
10 x 12 $875 3 Rafter
12 x 14 $1015 3 Rafter
14 x 16 $1115 4 Rafter
16 x 20 $1340 4 Rafter
16 x 24 $1540 5 Rafter
                                                                                                         APRIL   SPECIAL 

VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.

*****IF ORDERING A SCREEN DOOR OPTION *****, 2 side windows are included in price. Front screen door option will ONLY have a back window and 2 side windows. Front and back screen door option will have 2 side windows.  8 x 10 does not have side windows or screen door options available.
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WILDERNESS TENT AND ANGLE KIT special includes the tent and either a 3 rafter, 4 rafter or 5 rafter angle kit depending upon size of tent ordered.
Making a tent frame using steel conduit takes 60-90 minutes depending on size of your tent. Steel conduit is readily available at all hardware stores including Home Depot and Lowes.  Only tool required is a hack saw or pipe cutter.  All power tools that cut metal will also work.
Click ANGLE KITS for information on how to easily build a tent frame 6 from steel conduit.
8 x 10 TENTS do not have screen door or side window options.
                                                                                                              ANGLE KIT UPGRADE RECOMMENDATIONS : 
12  x 14    4 Rafter angle kit. RIDGE SUPPORT.  When you use only a 3 rafter angle kit there will only be 1 rafter in the middle of the tent supporting the entire roof.  A 4 rafter angle kit has 2 rafters evenly spaced in the middle supporting the roof.  A much better system for snow load support.
16 x 20      5 Rafter angle kit.  CONDUIT UTILIZATION.  A 4 rafter angle kit on a 16x20 results in 9 cuts at 6' 6" of your 10' steel conduit sections.  One cut per 10' conduit length.  A 5 rafter angle kit allows cuts at 5' for 2 cuts per 10' conduit.  Also provides significantly more snow load support.  
16 x 24      6 Rafter angle kit.  CONDUIT UTILIZATION.  A 5 rafter angle kit on a 16x24 results in 12 cuts at 6'  of your 10' steel conduit sections.  One cut per 10' conduit length  A  6 rafter allows cuts slightly less than 5'.  Much more snow load support.
                                                                                                     STANDARD FEATURES 

  •  BACK DOOR OR BACK WINDOW. Only a back door is available on Wilderness tents sizes 16' x 20' and 16' x 24'.
  • STOVE JACK. 5" fire proof tent opening in roof to allow stove pipe to go through. Only single wall pipe is necessary.
  • STORM FLAP. Protects zipper and closes door if you have zipper problems when camping.
  • STEEL D RINGS SEWN INTO EAVE WEBBING. Much stronger than grommets pressed into canvas.
  • DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE. A major wear point that is reinforced.
  • VINYL SOD CLOTH. Acts an air seal and prevents canvas from touching any rain water which will wick up the canvas wall.
  • TENT BAG. Oversized to insure your tent fits in it.
  • RIDGE OPENINGS FOR LODGE POLE. Some hunters use lodge pole pine to make a tent frame when packing in to avoid hauling a heavy metal frame on horses.
  • FRONT ZIPPERED DOOR, YKK #10. Always insure your tent has YKK zippers or you might have zipper problems when you are camping.
  • 200' OF ROPE AND 20 TENSIONERS that tightens the tent eave rope connecting to tent stakes.
                                                                                                          OPTIONS AVAILABLE
At the bottom of this page are OPTION PHOTOS and explanations. Options include porches, cook shacks, flys (protective tarp) and floors. 
 My friend bought a wilderness tent and he is very pleased with it.  He steered me to you to buy a tent, angle kit, fly and stove so I will be totally ready for hunting this Fall.  Curtis
I appreciate everything you did for me.  You helped me pick the right size of wilderness tent for my family and all the options we discussed. The wilderness tent and wilderness stove is better than I had hoped for.  Thanks again. Drew
I like your superb customer service.  Not many companies help a customer the way Canvas Tent Shop does.  The wilderness tent package is great.  Can't wait to go elk hunting.  I am extremely pleased with everything!  Lloyd
My friend loves your wilderness wall tent.  I was very impressed when he asked me over to show me his new tent.  You make a great tent the way it is reinforced, especially those D rings on the eave webbing.  I have never seen another tent like that.  Now I want a 10x12.  Bob
This is my third wilderness tent I have purchased from Canvas Tent Shop.  I take them hunting.  Now I want to buy 9 more wilderness tents for a glamping business I am starting.  I do like your tents. Harold
I received my 12x14 tent this morning from FEDEX.  Everything is excellent and exactly as specified on your website.  I am very pleased with this purchase.  I am sure I will have many vacations and hunting trips with it.  Many thanks for an excellent product and prompt service.  Leslie
Richard, I would like to thank you and Kathy for the help you provided in explaining to me all the features and options available on your wilderness tents. Before I started talking to you I was going to buy from a different company.  I am glad I changed my mind. You guys put new meaning on the words CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have had the tent set up for quite awhile now through some pretty heavy storms. Up to 50 miles an hour.  I love the wilderness tent.  Again thanks for all your help.  Jeff
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