5' Walls 6' Walls
8x10 45 lb 50 lb
10x12 65 lb 72 lb
12x14 73 lb 80 lb
14x16 85 lb 92 lb
16x20 111 lb 119 lb
16x24 121 lb 130 lb
  Peak with 5' Wall Peak with 6' Wall
8x10 7'9" 8'9"
10x12 8' 9'
12x14 8'4" 9'4"
14x16 8'9" 9'9"
16x20 9'3" 10'3"
16x24 9'3" 10'3"
Angle Kit # of Rafters
8x10 3
10x12 3
12x14 3
14x16 4
16x20 4
16x24 5
Tent Size Stove
8x10 / 10x12 Wilderness 3 or Yukon 3
12x14 / 14x16 Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4
16x20 / 16x24 Wilderness 5 or Yukon 5
# of 1" EMT for tent Frame 3R 4R 5R 6R 7R 8R
8x10 - 5' Walls 9 11 13
8x10 - 6' Walls 12 13 17
10x12 - 5' Walls 15 13 16 19
10x12 - 6' Walls 18 16 20 24
12x14 - 5' Walls 15 17 21 23
12x14 - 6' Walls 18 25 21 24
14x16 - 5' Walls 21 21 23 27
14x16 - 6' Walls 25 21 25 30
16x20 - 5' Walls 21 21 26 27
16x20 - 6' Walls 25 26 26 30
16x24 - 5' Walls
27 26 30 35
16x24 - 6' Walls
32 32 30 32

***Extension frame will require 6 - 12 extra pieces of 1" EMT conduit depending on tent size, wall height, and extension selected***


VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.

6' side walls provide much more headroom and usable tent space.  6' walls allows a person to get next to a wall without hitting your head against rafters or canvas roof.

 Some companies only have 4' 7" sidewalls which severely restricts how much space you can actually use.

Strongly recommend you ask your suppliers the finished height of side walls before purchasing so you will not be surprised or disappointed upon delivery.

 PACKAGE includes: (listed in pricing chart by size of tent)

ANGLE KIT - Series of brackets used to make frame using 1" EMT sourced locally - Does not include poles.
STOVE STANDARD PACKAGE (model/size based on specific tent size ordered)
Stove included in Wilderness tent package is a Wilderness or Yukon standard stove which includes stove, pipe, damper, side shelf and rain cap with spark arrestor.


8 x 10 and 10 x 12 : Wilderness 3 or Yukon 3 standard package.
12 x 14, 14 x 16, : Wilderness 4 or Yukon 4 standard package.

16 x 20, 16 x 24 :  Wilderness 5 or Yukon 5 standard package.

Upgrades available during checkout.

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.

WILDERNESS STANDARD FEATURES are worth $200 in options for some other tent companies you will see on the internet.
    • 5 FOOT WALLS

    • FREE BACK DOOR OR BACK WINDOW.Back door only on 16 x 20 and 16 x 24 Wilderness canvas tents.

    • STOVE JACK IN ROOF. Comes standard with a 5 1/2 inch stove jack. 6 inch stove jack available by cutting just before the 6" pattern on the stove jack.  Front left corner in roof. Roof stove jack allows for much better draw, especially, in higher elevations. Stove jack in roof allows for easier pipe installation. No elbows and no outside pipe support required vs wall stove jack.
  • STORM FLAP/COLORADO DOOR. 8" storm flap with buckle protects front & back door zippers.

  • FREE REINFORCED EAVE WITH WEBBING ENTIRE LENGTH OF EAVE. Webbing is on bottom of the eave to allow rain and snow to run off eave easily. You put much pressure on eaves when staking out the tent with ropes. Webbing sewn into canvas eaves is so much stronger then just canvas eaves.
  • STEEL D RINGS SEWN INTO WEBBING. Much stronger than other tents with just metal grommets pressed into canvas. Grommets can easily tear out of canvas eaves.

  • DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE. Reinforces tent ridge.

  • VINYL SOD CLOTH. 10" vinyl sod cloth sewn onto bottom of walls.

  • TENT BAG. Very large.

  • RIDGE OPENINGS FOR LODGE POLE. Ridge opening on each ridge end to allow lodge pole set up.

  • FRONT ZIPPERED DOOR, YKK #10. The best heavy duty zipper made.



At the bottom of this page are OPTION PHOTOS and explanations.
Options include porches, cook shacks, fly's (protective tarp), floors. 14 x16 water and mildew porch is not available. However, a fire treated porch is available.

I designed both the Wilderness and Yukon stoves. Both stoves are identical except one is round and one is square. It is all personal preference which stove you like best-the round Yukon stove or the square Wilderness stove. Both the Wilderness and Yukon stoves have a gasket on the door which makes them air tight and more efficient. The stove package includes a rain cap spark arrestor which is not included in many other stove packages. The rain cap prevents rain and snow going down your stove pipe and into your stove.

Deluxe stove package is an available upgrade option which includes a water tank and grate. Click wilderness stove and yukon stove for detailed description.

ANGLE KIT upgrade recommendations. ( diagram of angle kit above in photo section)

Click angle kits for information on angle kits and how to easily build a frame in 60-90 minutes using steel conduit available at all hardware stores.

12 x 14 4 Rafter. IMPROVED RIDGE SUPPORT. When you use a 3 rafter in a 12x14 there will only be 1 rafter in the middle of the tent supporting the roof. A 4 rafter has 2 rafters evenly spaced in the middle supporting the roof. You get twice the interior roof support with a 4 rafter angle kit.

16 x 20 5 Rafter. BETTER CONDUIT UTILIZATION. A 4 rafter frame kit on a 16x20 results in 9 ridge and eave cuts at 6' 6" of your 10' steel conduit sections. One cut per 10' conduit length, a 4' 6" waste. A 5 rafter frame kit allows cuts at 5' for 2 cuts per 10' conduit, better utilization 2 cuts per 10' conduit vs 1 cut for a 4 rafter. More snow load carrying capability.

16 x 24 6 Rafter. BETTER CONDUIT UTILIZATION. A 5 rafter angle kit on a 16x24 results in 12 eave and ridge cuts at 6' of your 10' steel conduit sections. One cut per 10' conduit length, a 4' waste of conduit. 6 rafter frame kit allows cuts slightly less than 5', better utilization 2 cuts per 10' conduit vs 1 cut for a 5 rafter. More snow load carrying capability.

FLY included in package is a tarp that protects your tent roof and has opening that matches your tent opening. 200 feet of rope and rope tensioners included.

FLOOR can be substituted for fly in the package. Floor is an 18 oz vinyl and is only available in the stake in model. Floor is also available for purchase if you want both the fly and floor. If you are on a limited budget and can afford only either the fly or floor, I recommend the fly. The fly is more important because it protects the tent from stove sparks, adds another moisture barrier, keeps the canvas roof clean, and protects the roof from UV rays. You can buy the floor later. If you buy the fly later, you will probably already have a damaged or degraded roof.

8' EXTENDED FLY (8" longer) fly is an upgrade option if you want a covered area in front of your tent. 200 feet of rope and rope tensioners included.

PHOTOS - Use arrow (< >) on photos to view all pictures. Second picture is ANGLE KIT DIAGRAM which will helps you visually understand angle kits.

Above is link " view all available products to add to this order " for a full listing of add ons and options.



The Wilderness package was a great deal. Your recommendations helped me purchase everything I needed for camping the first time. I didn't have to buy some items later, calling back, saying I forgot to buy this or that. Furthermore, it was nice to deal with only one company as you have every tent and stove option and accessory available. Thanks! Harry

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