Large canvas tents available in the Montana 18 X 23  and the Wilderness 16 x 24.



The Montana Canvas tent can be be customized to 60 feet  in length for large groups.  These tents can have a max width of 20 feet.


 When determining the number of people these tents will accommodate you must consider the tent stove will take up 7' along the left wall as you enter the tent.


 Most hunters and campers like to have each person have a cot along a sidewall with their "own space".  Each person should have a tall cot, 16-18" high, so that he can put his clothing and gear under his cot.  Each person having their own space for sleeping and storing their gear makes a much less cluttered tent.


The 16x24 Wilderness large canvas tent will accommodate 5-6 cots along the walls depending on length of cots and have room for a small kitchen table. The Montana 18 x23 large canvas tent will accommodate 7 cots along the side walls. 


Most people do not need a very large canvas tent as most hunting groups are much smaller.  The most commonly purchased sizes are the 12 x 14 and the 14x16.


Some groups are not concerned about having cots along the wall with each person having their own space.  To maximize the number of people in a canvas tent it is best to have all campers position their cots or sleeping bags perpendicular to the sidewalls with a walking aisle in the middle. Each person then can go to his cot or sleeping bag without disturbing anyone.


Due to the  weight of these large canvas tents all shipping will by truck to the customer.  Occasionally the tents will be made in 2 sections and have an overlap between 2 sections for ease of set up.  


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.  Rich