Angle Kits and How to Measure a Tent to Order an Angle Kit



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Purchasing a wall tent angle kit is the most economical approach to purchasing a tent frame.



Wall tent angle kits are made of 1" steel conduit commonly called EMT (electrical metal tubing) available at all hardware stores.  Internal tent frame shipping charges are very high due to the weight of an internal frame. No tools required to assemble conduit tent frame. To cut the conduit all you need is a hack saw or pipe cutter or sawzall  or band saw or chop saw.

It takes about 1 hour to cut a conduit steel tent frame.  Well worth the effort for the amount of money you save.  Typical frame savings using an angle kit on a 12x14 internal frame is $300.

Detailed instructions and a video available. Click here for Angle Kit instructions. Also view our instructional video on How to make an Angle Kit Frame.


We always have our Wilderness 120 degree angles and our Montana Angles in stock.  Most tents use one of these angle models and these angles can ship in 1-3 days.


Measure your tent, instruction on how to measure are here.  See our video at the top of this page. Call with your measurements and we can determine which angles you require.  If you require custom angles, these custom angles can ship within 4-8 weeks.

I will provide assistance if you have trouble understanding angle kit instructions.
95% of my customers buy a wall tent angle kit and make their own frame.


Strongly recommend you read frame information and recommendations before you build a frame or set up your tent.

A maximum distance of 6' is recommended between rafters. More than 6' causes a sag in the roof and significantly reduces snow load carrying capacity.
The table below lists the number of 10' conduit lengths required for different sizes of tents.  If you expect heavy snow loads add one additional rafter length to your joint angle kit purchase. The additional rafter significantly increases the strength of your internal frame.



Tent Size 3 Rafter 4 Rafter 5 Rafter 6 Rafter
8x10 9      
12x10 15 14    
12x14 15 17    
14x16   21 21  
16x20     21 26
16x24     27 26
Porch 8' 3 Rafter 12 2 Rafter 9 1 Rafter 6  
Extended Fly 3 Rafter 12 2 Rafter 9 1 Rafter 6  


T SUPPORT FOR RIDGE available  if you are concerned about heavy snow loads.

Tent frame angle kits can be ordered the same day Wilderness, Civil War, and Montana Canvas Tents are ordered. Wilderness, Montana Canvas Tents and our Civil War tents do not deviate in tent angle degree . 

RECOMMENDATION: After making your frame I recommend you wet down your new tent if you do not have a fly. When wetting your tent for shrinkage, and also when it rains/snows, insure that you have guy ropes/side ropes and wall stakes on your new wall tent to insure it only shrinks the normal 1-3% shrinkage and that it shrinks evenly. Otherwise it may shrink more than 3% and unevenly and may not fit your internal frame properly.

RECOMMENDATION: Purchase the Wilderness angle kit if you need 120 degree angles. All angles I sell do not fail during stress tests on a frame - the poles will always bend - angles never bend or break their weld. Wilderness angles have a support brace between joints for additional strength.

EXTENDED FLY OR AWNING: TO MAKE AN ANGLE KIT FRAME EXTENSION FOR A TENT WITHOUT EAVE OPENINGS - I recommend a 4way on the ridge end that goes through a ridge end opening and purchase 3 more 3 way angles. Your ridge extension conduit will fit into the 4 way on the ridge end and then connect to a 3 way at the end of ridge extension. Add rafters and legs using the 2 remaining 3 way angles. I recommend you drill holes in the ridge extension angles and conduit and install nuts and bolts to keep these angles in place as there is no tent enveloping the frame to keep the frame in place during windy conditions. (If ridge extension is more than 6' you will need to buy 3 each 4 way to add another set of rafters)

BEFORE ORDERING WALL TENT ANGLE KITS: To insure you order/receive the correct degree of angle, have some one help you pull the tent taut to insure the tent is measured accurately. Measure your tent width ( C measurement ) and slope ( B measurement ). The slope is the distance from top of the ridge to where roof meets the wall. In comments of check out form, type in width and slope measurements.   Click here on HOW TO MEASURE your current tent for an angle kit.

THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM WALL TENT ANGLE KITS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Measure your tent accurately to insure you receive the correct degree of angles for your tent. If the tent measurements you provide are not accurate - the custom angle kit will not fit your tent. Therefore, you will have to order and pay for another set of custom angles.  



Rubber bottom caps. Protects your sod cloth, floor and keeps dirt out of leg bottom.
Frame bags. Great for storing and transporting poles and angles.
10" Sleeves. Used if you cut rafters in half to reduce total length.
Leg Supports. Attaches to platform to keep frame in place.

Again, if you have any questions on wall tent angle kits feel free to call us, 1-800-234-1150.  Rich