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 LAYAWAY PLAN- 25% down locks in monthly canvas camping tent special prices.


YOU CAN DETERMINE WHICH PRODUCTS YOU WANT and an automatic email will be sent to us when you ADD TO CART - REQUEST A QUOTE.  Please provide phone number in the event of email issues.  A completed quote will be emailed to you within 1 business day.  Applicable taxes and shipping will be determined by location.  Shipping will be by FEDEX, Greyhound or mail determined by location and weight of your requested items.


INTERAC BANK EMAIL transfers available. 


VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.







CALL ME if you need assistance.  We can answer your questions, provide guidance and recommendations.  Rich


OUR GUARANTEE.  Wilderness wall tents are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material.  If a problem occurs it will occur during your first 3 months of use.


PURCHASING TENT FRAME ANGLE KITS and then purchasing 1” inside diameter, galvanized steel electrical conduit at any hardware store is the most economical approach to purchasing a tent frame.  Normal savings $250-$450 depending on the size of canvas tent and frame.


CLICK FRAME KITS ON TOP MENU BAR for more info on wall tent frame angle kits.




WALL TENT MODELS AVAILABLE:  WILDERNESS model is by far our most popular canvas tent brand followed by MONTANA CANVAS.  


WILDERNESS  MODEL: Wilderness canvas tents have many additional free features compared to other tents including: 


Back door or back window - free

Storm flap/colorado door - free

Double layer of canvas on ridge for reinforcement -free

Tent Bag  - free

Eaves reinforced with webbing with D rings - free

Stove jack- free

Sod cloth - free

Ridge openings for lodge pole - free 


INSURE YOU ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME to order and receive your wall tent and stove.  You will want to cut your conduit and set up your tent prior to your hunting trip.  New stoves require a slow burn to bake on the paint that requires  2-3 hours.


ALL CANVAS IS MADE OVERSEAS.  Has been for the last 20-30 years. Some companies try to imply their canvas is made in Canada or the US. That is just not true. Canvas is primarily made in China, India or Pakistan. Be very careful dealing with a tent company that implies or says their canvas is made in the US or Canada.  Some fire, water and mildew treatments are applied in the US but the canvas is made overseas. 


I DO NOT BUY CANVAS FROM CHINA OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT EVEN THOUGH CHINA HAS THE LOWEST PRICES.  China has unfair trade practices,  places import restrictions on Canadian products and manipulates its currency for an automatic 20% discount to make their prices much lower than Canada or US products.

USED CANVAS TENTS: I occasionally get used canvas wall tents for sale or demos, but not very often.  Be very careful buying a used  canvas tent for sale because sometimes there is really no way to verify the type of canvas or treatment.  On some used canvas tents for sale there are no labels detailing what treatments have been applied to the canvas.

LARGE CANVAS TENTS. Large canvas tents up to 16 x 24 in the wilderness and a 18x23 available in the Montana for large hunting groups. All the Wilderness are white canvas tents.  The Montana has both a white canvas tent and a synthetic relite tent in white, tan and green.

WALL TENTS FOR SALE: I have many canvas tents for sale on my web site and it can very confusing trying to determine which is the best tent. Read my info guide and closely compare the standard features and options on all canvas tents for sale.  If you are having problems deciding on which wall tent - call me and I will try to guide you to the wall tent sale that is best for your needs.


                                                                         RECENT TESTIMONIALS


Thank you for the outstanding and quick service.  I received my tracking number within 2 days of ordering.  My  canvas tent was everything you advertised. I am glad I made a decision to do business with Wall Tent Shop. Timothy


Good Afternoon. I just wanted to let you know your wilderness tent worked great.  Kept us warm and dry!  Plenty of room, glad we went with the one size larger you recommended.  The hunt was very successful.  Thanks again. Larry 


Thanks much for your service and professionalism.  Nice to know there are still some good people around.  Richard


Your wall tents are awesome.  I stayed in a 14 x16 this winter in a blizzard.  We stayed warm with Yukon stove. Thanks.  Stone 316.


Wow! Thank you so much for all the useful info on your website. The experience has been great. The decision to buy from you guys was an easy one. Great customer service. I really appreciate you making this purchase an easy one in light of the fact I have never bought a tent before. Looking forward to many years of fun with my grandsons in this exceptional tent.  Kris 


Tyler, thank you for taking care of me.  I am really glad I chose the Tent Shop shop over the other guys. This wall tent is awesome.  Harold


Hey, just wanted to leave some feedback on the wall tent and stove I purchased.  We just got back from deer camp on tent and stove maiden voyage. Overall, very happy.  We stayed warm and dry.  Ty


Bought my wilderness wall tent from you guys 5 years ago.  Great tent. Really excited about the porch I just ordered. I love your company and customer service. You all have been great to work with. Bruce


I had only heard great things about your company.  Everything I heard was true.  Tent package I received was top, top quality.  Thanks again. Rocky 


Thanks for a great canvas tent and stove package.  I bought from you guys because a guide friend told me you had exceptional products.  He was right. Elk hunting will be so much better this year.  Alex