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Photo Credit: Alabaster Acres

Photo Credit: Alabaster Acres

Photo by: Peter Coats / Wasatch Lodging

Photo by: Peter Coats / Wasatch Lodging

Photo by: Peter Coats / Wasatch Lodging

Photo by: Peter Coats / Wasatch Lodging
Inside Tent


A collection of images from another happy Wall Tent Shop customer! Here is what they had to say: "Hey guys, just wanted to share some pics of my 12x14 wall tent with the extended fly, I bought this from you guys 2 Christmas ago, and this was last archery season in Colorado at 10,500 feet , it's really lived up to the features you advertise and what ultimately sold me on buying it, I love the wilderness 5 stove, more than enough for the size I have but worth it especially when it's snowing, it's a great tent that will last me a long time, and I've recommended it to all my friends...... PS the lights in my tent are LED low power and no heat on my canvas other that what's from my stove"
Amazing picture from another happy customer.
From a happy customer: "We bought a tent off of you guys about a year ago and we used for the first time this summer. We love it to pieces!!” -Alysa
Amazing pictures from a happy customer, Mandy. Photo credit David Crane. Thank you for sharing with us.
"I love our spike tent we bought from you in September. We also have a 17 x 20 wall tent we've had for years I made the ridge pole myself (animals included ) and the combo stove / oven, we can bake pies bread etc. in the oven. It also serves as a spark arrestor. Thanks again for a great product!"


"And it's true- Best tent on the market."


Thanks for a great product...again! We love the size difference from the 14x16 we owned.

Chris Proctor
In Upstate NY


Hi, I bought three of your Wilderness Wall Tents last year and a porch and stove. I also just ordered a wilderess 5 stove. Here are pictures of your wall tent with a moose Photography hunt from last fall, 2013. My business name is Canoe the Wild and we offer canoe trips in Maine and Canada.

Fishing for trophy brook trout and moose hunting including photo hunts in Maine from remote outpost campsites.

Dave Conley


Peter from Toronto, Canada, sent us a nice email with a series of images. "Last year I bought one of your 14 by 16 tents with the extended fly. I built a platform for it and furnished it almost entirely from IKEA. It’s meant as a 3 season escape. I absolutely love the tent, the quality and the features are fabulous. Here the setup is almost complete.

But this past thanksgiving a tree fell onto the tent. It landed on the front half and squashed the couch, bent about half the EMT poles and made a right mess. The fly had many of the D rings pull out and one large tear so it is not repairable. The tent however had only one tear on a door seam. I'm having that repaired right now by a company in Toronto that makes custom canvas sail boat covers/awnings/sails. It’s amazing how little damage was done to the tent. I thought I’d share some of the pictures with you to show a couple of things. Even though the poles were made into spaghetti, the welded angles you supplied were not damaged at all, they stood up great. There was enough force to pull on the frame and bend about half of the poles and there was only one tear along a seam, that’s truly incredible. I'm really happy with how well it survived.

Thanks for making such a quality product. I'm anxious to get it all set up again.


September 19th, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you all so very much. This is our first tent and the time you spent on the phone to assist me in picking the right one for my husband and I was so greatly appreciated. It became our home for 9 days during 1st Rifle Season last year in Colorado.

The weather was so variable but we were warm, cozy, and dry through the rain, sleet, and snow. We are looking forward to many years of use and can't wait to buy another one when our children/grandchildren begin to join us!

- Jake and Debbie, California


Just a little note regarding a tent I just purchased from you guys. Took my 14+12 Wilderness tent on an Elk hunt. It worked great despite the rain we had every day. Lots of room and easy to set up. Should have had one long ago. Very happy with it.

Thanks again.

Oh yeah, bagged a 350 in Elk.


Elk Camp Set Up

We are testing it out to the max this year.

Great tent!





Hi Rich and Cathy,

Just wanted to drop you a email and thank you for all your help with our new tent. Everything worked out great. We had a good trip; this was the first time we took our boys (tenting and hunting that is) and they really enjoyed it.







Hello friends this is Chase from British Columbia.

I wanted to show you guys how I was living for 2 and a half months through out the winter...

I had a blast doing it. Also that will not be the last time. I am also planning a trip to Tofino and am going to set it up on the beach!

So if you want, I will send more photos... any whoo - hope you like the pictures.








I just purchased a 16 x 20 wall tent on 7/11/11.

Tent looks great. See pictures. We can't wait to get out west this fall.











I bought a tent from you last December and finally got the frame made and the tent set up, it sure looks great. I'm pleased with the tent, very well made, best I've seen for the price, just wanted to let you know. I have no problem sending anyone your way who may be looking for a new wall tent.

Al Hall







I am sending some photos of the tent showing the fly set up. They might be helpful to show folks how to do it.
Keith (MOSKOW)

Moskow Linn Architects Inc.
t: 617 292-2000 ex. 28





My order process with Conner was second to none, smooth and easy. I have reviewed your website for the last couple of months pondering on which wall tent size to purchase. Your website speaks volumes of your company especially after speaking to Conner yesterday to place the order with follow up this morning with Tyler. I am very impressed with your company and anxious to receive my tent and get it set up to check it out. My sincere thanks! Dennis 

I purchased a 10 x 12 wall tent from you this spring. What a great tent! I got it up about 2 weeks ago. It underwent at least 6 days of wind and rain and hasn't leaked a drop. Wall tent shows super high quality workmanship and design. As I mentioned the canvas tent is being used as a prop for a movie I am producing here in Alaska. The movie is a fictional adventure that takes place in 1952. That is why I needed a canvas wall tent for authenticity. I am very pleased with the tent. Attached are some pix of the vintage 1952 camp. I realize the camp construction is rather informal but that is necessary for authenticity. Certainly no glamping in one of my period correct Alaska movies. 

Awesome wall tent. You guys are easily one of the best companies I have dealt with. Once I use this tent a few more times I will be leaving a good review and I will probably be making some videos about this tent. It is the best tent I have ever used. Thanks, Ryan.

I have been hunting since I was 10 years old. I am now 47. This is by far the the best wall tent I have ever owned. Top quality canvas, reinforced extra layer of canvas at the ridge and eaves. Workmanship and pride in quality of tent is very obvious. Thanks you again. Larry. 

I didn't have an opportunity to inspect my canvas tent prior to my hunting trip. I just bought the 1"EMT electrical metal tubing conduit for my tent frame angle kit.I cut the EMT steel tubing per your instructions for my wall tent frame. The frame was a perfect fit when I set up my wall tent at hunting camp. After setting up my canvas tent I thoroughly inspected it. I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the canvas and the double stitching. The thick webbing on the eaves and the steel D rings is unbelievably strong. To top it off there was a double layer of canvas to reinforce the ridge that I didn't realize was a standard feature. All in all the wilderness is the most reinforced and highest quality wall tent I have ever seen. Thanks again, Pat.

I just want to comment on how much I enjoyed reviewing your website before I purchased my wall tent. I could tell you had very high quality canvas tents for sale. However, what really convinced me to purchase from you was the hundreds of testimonials I read on facebook, your website and google. When I called your shop, Connor was very helpful and he guided me through the process of selecting the tent size, treatment, stove and accessories I needed. I really appreciate the customer service you provide and the huge amount of information on your website and your information guides. John 

You guys are the best!  I really love that everyone I have dealt with has been professional but more than that, personable.  I was a VP of a very large company and your people are what I strived to hire.  Thank you so much.  Dave

 Hi Tyler.  It was good visiting with you and thanks again for helping us pick out the perfect canvas tent for us.  Please pass this along to the owner. I purchased a 14 x 16 wall tent with an 8 foot awning from you guys a month ago.  We are very happy with our purchase and it has met all our expectations.  We recently spent 11 nights in our tent in Missouri and weathered through a tornado and 8 days of wet rain.  We were at an event with 300 people camping in tents.  Our tent was one of the talks of camp and we hosted many people for coffee around the fireplace.   I have about 5 individuals that would like to go ahead  and buy a tent as well.  We are looking to purchase two more tents for us this spring and then  the organization is talking about starting off with 10 tents for a homestead project.  Just FYI, we will be going to these events about 2 times a year.   Thanks again, Shawn.

 Tyler, thanks so much for your amazing customer service!  It was a pleasure dealing with a professional company who obviously stresses top notch service. I had been trying for a month to even get a response from another tent company.  I wish I had found your company first from the beginning.  If there is a link for me to leave a review please send it to me.  Thanks again, Kyle.

My neighbor has a 16 x 20 wall tent he purchased from Wall Tent Shop. He absolutely loves it. I went deer hunting with him last fall. Your tent is awesome. After a long cold day of hunting it was nice to have a warm tent at night. The Yukon 5 stove kept us very warm in the evenings and then we choked it down at night for all night heat. I want to buy a 14 x 16 and a Yukon 5 stove. I can't wait to use it. Thurston 

Wilderness is absolutely awesome. Thoroughly inspected the tent and there are no issues. I know my hunting partners are going to be totally impressed. Thanks again. 

A hunting buddy of mine recently purchased a Wilderness package with stove, angle kit and fly. Very impressed withe overall quality and workmanship. Now I want to purchase the exact same 14 x 16 package. Horace 

Tyler, I just wanted to call you and tell you how happy I am with the tent. The wilderness is just unbelievable. I want to order a Yukon stove to stay warm during my winter hunt. Peter 

Bought 4 tents for my outfitting business. Best tents ever. I expect many years of tough use in my remote hunting area. Thanks again. Jim 

Wilderness wall tent I purchased is perfect for my hunting camp. Top quality. I am glad you guys recommended a 14x16. Four guys in the tent with plenty of room for our gear. The coat hanging rods that attached to the wall frame were great. Thanks again for your great customer service. Warren.

I was the envy at hunting camp.  My hunting friends' canvas tents could not compare with the quality or price.  Thanks again for all the assistance provided by everyone at CanvasTent Shop. George.

I am very pleased with the tent. I am having lots of fun hunting and camping. - Jose

ust a great, great stove. I like all the items that came with the wilderness deluxe package.  Everything I could possibly need. I also bought the in line spark arrestor and it worked fine. I will get many years of use on my hunting trips. Kirk

 I tried out my wilderness stove during last hunting season.  The Yukon 5 is just awesome. Heat was unbelievable in my 14 x16.  We will never be cold again with such an awesome stove. Jack

 Your tent and stove worked perfectly during my moose hunt.  Great tent and the Yukon 4 was just terrific in my 12 x14.  Very cold outside but nice and warm in the tent.  Joseph

 Hi, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you my thoughts on the city slicker pellet stove I bought from you.  WOW. It is a great stove.  No more stoking the fire every 3-4 hours like my old wood stove.  It really worked great through deer and elk seasons.  Temperatures were in the 20's at night. The city slicker pellet stove was a pleasure to have in my tent.  My wife even stayed in my tent all elk season and never got cold .  I wish I had one years ago.  Ray stove

 Used my wilderness canvas tent last elk season.  Had snow or rain almost daily.  Not the most enjoyable weather to hunt in.  However, the tent and Yukon 5 stove worked great.  Yukon 5 stove burned all night.  Clothes and boots were completely dry each morning.  Thanks again for a great hunting set up. Will

Received my tent package with the tent, stove, fly and angle kit.  Your recommendations were much appreciated.   Buying the package made it much easier for me to decide what I actually needed.  Adding the floor and extended fly made camping much more enjoyable.  Rick

 A little note regarding a tent I just purchased from you guys.  Took my 12 x14 Wilderness tent on an elk hunt.  It worked great despite the rain and snow we had every day.  Elk Hunter.

The Wilderness 5 tent stove is the best stove I have ever seen.  Thick metal and quality construction. Kept me warm all night in 20 degree weather.  Thanks, Herman.

I like all the standard features you include in your stove packages.  Other companies tried to sell me a wire mesh spark arrestor that was not included with the stove.  Your Yukon stove package had a rain cap & spark arrestor included.  Your rain cap spark arrestor is so much better than wire mesh, plus it was included for free.  Thanks for a great stove. Jim

Calling back to tell you how much I like your Wilderness stove.  Thank you for such a high quality stove.  Your website was so informative and helped me make the right decision to buy from Canvas Tent Shop.  Elliott

 I absolutely love my 16x20 canvas tent package I purchased from you guys.  Stove and fly worked great just like you said it would. Harry.

I am very pleased with our purchase from the Canvas Tent Shop.  We are having fun.  Will recommend you to all my friends. Jamie

I am your guy if you ever need a testimonial or a reference. Wilderness canvas tent and stove worth every penny I spent. Dry and warm during hunting camp. Bob 

It was great doing business with you guys. Great tent. I have recommended Wall Tent Shop to all my friends. Thanks. Ted 

 I have been camping with my friend for 2 years. Your tent is great. I am so impressed with the quality. Now I want to buy a 14 x 16, fly, floor, angle kit, stove and porch. Jim 

My two 16 x 24 Wilderness canvas tents are fantastic. Very high quality. I spent countless hours going through the internet searching for high quality tents at the best price. So happy that I went with your company. Denny 

Rich, I have heard a lot of good things about you from my friends. That is why I am buying from Wall Tent Shop. It is so difficult to buy any products without actually seeing and touching them. I know I won't be disappointed. Trevor

We set up the wilderness canvas tent with the help of our boys  in the yard to see how it was.  Your tent is awesome.  We are very happy with our purchase. Ben

 I purchased the Wilderness 10 x 12 last year.  Spent 3 weeks in the tent during October elk season.  Was so impressed with the quality of the tent that I decided to purchase another wilderness. I am also very impressed with the customer service and quick response to my inquiries.  Ken

 I paid for the tent. I like your customer service and quick response.  Tent shipped the next day.  Justin

 Hi folks.  Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the prompt service.  The pole cutting instructions were easy to follow.  Love my new 16 x 20.  It is so big and all the extra room.  Now I can add a couple of nephews to the hunt and show them what my dad and I loved so much.  Kelly

I just completed a hunting trip with a friend who had purchased his tent from you. It is so much better and has more reinforcement than any other tent I have ever seen. I want to buy a 16 x 24 and the Wilderness 5 stove package. Troy 

I have a friend who bought one of your tents and I was very impressed with it when he set it up. Now, after watching your video I am convinced your tent is the best I have ever seen. I want to buy the 16 x 20 package. Harry 

 I bought the Wilderness 5 years ago. We have had 5 great elk hunting trips in it. Your stove kept us warm and couldn't have a better tent. I am getting a little older and am just getting tired of cutting a lodge pole frame. So it is time to buy a tent frame angle kit. Kent 

I have hunted and camped out of wall tents for over 50 years. I have bought wall tents in the past. But, the wall tent you sold me is just what I have always wanted a wall tent to be. Thanks again. Please stay doing what you do. Mathew 

I am an outfitter. I have a friend who is an outfitter also. He really likes your wilderness line . He says it is the best tent he has used or seen. His recommendation impressed me. I want to order 3 of your 12 x 14's. Johnson 

We went hunting with my uncle who has your wilderness and Yukon stove. Great tent and stove. You guys know how to make quality products. I want the exact same package as my uncle purchased. I am buying from you because I know exactly the quality I am getting in advance. Harrison

We have a friend who purchased the wilderness. Very impressed. We like the reinforcement and quality. Now, we want to purchase the 16 x 20 with the frame, stove and fly package. Michael 

I just wanted to say the tent works great. We had 3 separate hunting trips. No problems. Just a great tent. My hunting buddies are very impressed also. Thanks Mark. 

I bought a 12 x 14 wilderness canvas tent four years ago. We just love it. Many hunting trips. Always nice and warm. What a difference from previous hunting trips. I have more friends now that want to go hunting with me. Now I need to buy a 16 x 20 package with the Wilderness 5 stove upgrade. Don 

I received my 16 x 24 wilderness wall tent with the angle kit special. Unpacked it and set up. Looks great. A totally outstanding tent. Thanks for all your help in asking me question and then giving recommendations on what was best for my requirements. Al 

Wall tent and stove arrived. Both are awesome. Just wanted to show my appreciation for such a nice tent and stove. Roger. 

Just received my beautiful wall tent. Frame and tent fit together great. Really appreciate your quality customer service and great recommendations. I have never had better customer service and help. Tyler answered all my questions every time I called. Thanks Geri 

I saw your tent in the woods when we were hunting. Asked the fellow hunter on the quality of your tent and he said he loved it. He was very proud to show it off and explain the features that he liked. I thought it was great how it was set up.

We received the tent and stove. The tent is made with beautiful craftsmanship. I will take pictures and send you a review and try to spread the word about the wall tent shop every chance we get to show it off. Its beautiful enough for honeymoon glamping and rugged enough for a Rocky Mountain Elk Camp. Thanks again. Joel 

Just wanted to tell you guys, what an awesome tent.  My wife and I really love it.  I bought a tent from another well known tent company and it was crap. Seams sewn crooked, stove jack sewn crooked and needle holes where sewing was not on the seam.. A waste of money buying a poor quality tent. Sold it and took a loss. My wife found you online.  Ordered one of your 12 x 14 canvas tents for sale last week and received it in less than a week.  What great fast and free shipping, phenomenal service.  Set it up in my yard before departing on trip, then put it my trailer and off we went. The craftsmanship is great and the reinforcement points are in the right areas. I am very impressed.  Arrived at night and set up your canvas tent with a flashlight.  I brought so many friends in to show how good your canvas tent is. Friends couldn't believe the quality, workmanship, price and the free shipping. None of them had ever heard of the Wall Ten Shop, Well they know now! Thanks again for a great tent, Jones.


Good morning to Canvas Tent Shop. I would like to say I am more than impressed with my wall tent.  It is awesome.  We had some 100 km winds a while back and there were no issues.  A little noisy mind you but it held up no problem.  Very happy with the Hilton. Thanks, Mac.


Hey Tyler, thanks for the follow up email.  Great customer service. I know we talked on the phone but just want to say again how much I appreciate your assistance in getting us fixed up. Good service seems to be lost art now days. I forgot how good it makes you feel when someone goes the extra mile to help customers.  Let me know if you have a process for leaving testimonials.  I would be glad to share my story regarding your wilderness wall tents. Thanks again, Mitch.


Just received the stakes I ordered.  Thanks so much.  I used your wilderness wall tent and I have been very impressed with it.  I really appreciate your help and attentiveness.  I will certainly recommend Canvas Tent Shop if anyone is in the market for wall tents. Thanks, Ben. 



I purchased a 14 x 16 wilderness wall tent in the spring.  It is great and had no issues with it during our elk hunting trip. We all stayed warm at night with the wilderness 5 stove.  My friends were were very impressed with the quality.  However, I wish I had taken your advice on the fly.  You were right.  Camped under a tree and  and my tent got tree pitch and sap on the roof. Had to use a strong detergent to get rid of it.  I am sure I damaged the water and mildew treatment. Little late now, however,  I want the 14 x16 wilderness fly. Aiden

 Just emailing you to let you know your wilderness is really high quality. It was so difficult for me to decide which  wall tent to buy after looking at so many on the internet.  Your videos  and the tent information guide were so helpful. I am glad I went with my gut feeling after talking to you Rich.  After inspecting the wilderness canvas tent I know I bought the best tent available.  Dooley.

 Your wilderness canvas tent is beautiful.  It worked out well during our deer and elk hunting trips.  It snowed hard and we had no issues.  Last year we had an alaknak and it came crashing down on us during the night when we had a heavy snow.  Your internal roof rafters, just like my house, makes the roof so much stronger.   Thanks again for such a strong wall tent and frame. Mark

 Tyler, tent worked awesome. Workmanship is amazing. The sod cloth is the cats meow. Thank you for the great service and support. Lloyd 

 Thanks Tyler for the great service.  Take care.  Thanks again.  Paul

 I would like to thank you. Couldn't be more pleased with my Wilderness tent. - Reid

Wilderness is an excellent tent. - Mike

WOW. What a tent. Thanks a million. - Ivan

Excellent tent. Great doing business doing business with you. - Harvey

Great tent. Just what I wanted. - Stan

Rich, received the tent Thursday and set her up this weekend. Everything looks great. I am impressed with everything. - Ken

Tent looks great. Quality is awesome. - Jason

Great Tent. Stitching is top quality. - Gregg

My stuff arrived on Wednesday as promised. The tent is as good as the service. - Ron

I set up the tent in the back yard. I am very pleased. - Bill

We received the Wilderness Tent yesterday and set it up. WOW! We're impressed. The quality is top notch and every necessary and nice to have feature was thought out and well done. - Randy

I picked you because of the information you had on your web site. Info was appreciated and I bought a great tent from you. - Harry

I truly appreciate your great service. Anytime I buy from an unknown source I am a little leery. You are obviously a first rate guy. I will gladly recommend you to my friends. - Gary

Very impressed with the the tent. My friends could not believe the quality. I will be buying more " items " from you.

Thanks for a great product. Hunting camp will be much more enjoyable this year. - Bart

We just bought one of your Wilderness Tents and we love it. - Joe

It is a great, great tent. Thanks for all the work you did to help us out. - Carl

The tent worked great during elk season!!!!. We stayed warm and dry in spite of snow, wind and rain. - Aaron

Received the tent. Its great. - Gordon

This is one wonderful tent. I will recommend you to all my friends. - Jim

Thanks for the tent. Outstanding canvas. - Bill

I received the tent yesterday and I am very pleased. Thank you very much for all your help and info. - Michael

Loved the tents and the rain fly's. Great quality and the frame fit perfectly. Will do more business in the future. - GB

41. Yukon stove is great. Really well made. Ralph

  We received our Wilderness 5 Tent Stove package.  We used it in our canvas tent and we never got cold. We would wake up in the morning and still have coals.  Didn't have to start a fire with paper and kindling like all of my other previous stoves.  A great benefit and saved time in the morning by going with the larger Wilderness 5.  I had planned on cooking on my coleman but thought I would try cooking on the Wilderness.  Worked great and I saved propane!  Water Tank with warm water in the morning was great appreciated.  Ty

  Just a quick note. I have had one of your Yukon 3 tent stoves for years and I love it.  Randy

  We love your 12 x 14 Wilderness tent.  Wilderness 4 tent stove kept the tent so warm. Dave

 Received the tent. It is everything you said and more. - Joe

The tent is very well built and is exactly how you describe it on your very informative web site. - Dennis

Great canvas tent.  Really like the Wilderness design with so many extra features, especially, at no extra cost.  Brian

Really like the Yukon 5 tent stove.  This large stove puts out a lot of heat.  My buddies saw the Yukon and are going to buy one for their hunting tents.

Took my Yukon  stove out for the first time last weekend and had a great time. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Brian

I have never seen a canvas tent with so much extra reinforcement. It is great. All my friends now want your high quality products. Thanks again. 

I watched the video on your tents. I was sold immediately. Your tent is even better than advertised. Thanks again for such a high quality tent. Joshua 

Tyler, you will be pleased to know your wilderness tent survived some really hard Australian winter weather. Over 100 kph winds and torrential rains. Tent still looked brand new after the severe winter. We now know your tent can cope with the worst wind and and rain it is likely to suffer down here in South Australia. Rob

I got my tent frame poles cut. Set up the tent and it is awesome. Also bought the extended fly and 3 rafter angle kit. Extended fly is great as it provides the protected area in front of the tent. Gary

You guys are great. Canvas Tent Shop got my tent and stove shipped so quickly. Top notch service. I am going to be sending my friends your way. Ron

I love your wilderness tent. I hunt in very rugged mountains. Everything worked great. Warm and dry the entire hunt. 

We had 3 of your wilderness wall tents in camp this year. We loved them. Great tents at a great price. 

Tent was awesome during elk hunt. Makes hunting even more enjoyable going back to camp at night to a great tent and stove. Ross

Love the tent. I bought a 16 x 20. Four of us had a great time during moose season. All of our gear fit inside the tent with room to spare. Just wanted to say thank you all so very much. 

Bought a 14 x 14 spike tent.  I had it set up in my yard when I left for a week trip. Was worried I would have problems with the snowfall when I was gone.  Tent was perfect when I returned.  Eave ropes and poles were still tight and poles were still up.  No problem with the snow load. Bruce

 Thank you for consistently making great products.  We really appreciate working with you guys.  Wayne

 I wanted to let you know the Selkirk worked great this year at hunting camp.  Absolutely great.  Snow load was not a problem as every morning and night we removed the snow accumulation on the roof.  You should be very proud of the craftsmanship in your spike tent. Ernie

 Your service was great.  When people treat you like that, you want to do business with them again.

 Great, great spike tent.  Easy to set up.  Your set up videos were very helpful as I had never set up any type of tent before.  Hunting trip was a success, nice 6 x 6 bull. Ben

I love my new 14 x 16 fire treated wilderness canvas tent I purchased from you guys. I consider this a great investment. Previously, I had a hunting trailer but it was not suited for my type of hunting. The trailer was just too small for all of our hunting gear. Additionally, the mountain gravel roads were just too rough for a trailer. Wall tent worked great at camp. Wilderness 5 stove kept tent 70 degrees even when it was 15 degrees outside. My hunting partner really liked the tent. He said he was going to buy a 16 x 20 for family camping. He has a large family. Thanks again for a great tent. As I said before, this is a great investment. I will get many years of hunting using your canvas tent. Denny 

I can't believe Tent Shop service. I was getting ready to go on a hunting trip got my tent out and it was riddled with holes. Mice had eaten through layers of canvas to apparently get to the middle of the tent. When I called and explained my situation you took great care of me. You shipped out the same size I had bought from you 4 years ago. I called on a Wednesday, you shipped on Wednesday and I received it on Friday. Loaded it in my pick up Friday and was off on my hunting trip. My frame fit my new tent. No problem, just what you told me. I didn't miss one day of my hunting trip. You guys are unbelievable. Casey