Canvas tent buying guide is provided to assist you in your purchase of a wall tent. I recommend you take the time to read the buying guide as it will make you a much more informed buyer.

Canvas tent buying guide explains standard features, available options and wall tent purchase recommendations. Canvas treatments and types of canvas are also explained.

Major decisions required before you purchase:

Water mildew treated canvas or Fire, water and mildew treated canvas.

Does the tent you are considering have all the features you want on a tent compared to other tents you are considering. If not, what is the additional cost of the features you want on the comparison tent.

What options, if any, you want such as side windows, screen doors, fly, floor, extended fly, porch or cook shack, etc.

Purchase an angle kit and make your frame out of conduit with $200 savings or more for a 12x14 size tent for 1 hours work. Or purchase a complete frame and pay for the shipping to your location. 95+% of my customers buy an angle kit and make their own frame.

Hopefully this guide will be of some benefit to you. If you have questions you can always call us.

- Rich

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