3 Current Wilderness Monthly Specials (click special below to view each special specifics)


Wilderness Tent - ONLY with any any options you want to add.


Wilderness Tent & Angle Kit  with any any options you want to add. 


Wilderness Package which includes tent, stove,fly and angle kit or frame  with any any options you want to add. 


OUR GUARANTEE: Wilderness canvas hunting tents are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship and material.


WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN PROVIDING QUALITY WILDERNESS CANVAS HUNTING TENTS AT REASONABLE PRICES. I have the Wilderness tents made a thousand at a time at a significantly reduced cost. Many customers ask me, "what is the best bang for the buck?" The Wilderness.


LAYAWAY: To lock in current monthly special prices, you can pay 25% down and balance within 6 months.  No set monthly payment plan, just pay balance within 6 months.  Item will ship when it is paid in full.


WILDERNESS CANVAS IS ARMY DUCK- DOUBLE FILL. The highest quality canvas made.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU CALL OR EMAIL ME if you are just starting camping.  We can answer your specific questions and offer guidance and recommendations.


 SATISFIED CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS.  I suggest you read the Wilderness canvas hunting tent testimonials from the many satisfied hunters.


ALL WILDERNESS TENTS ARE WATER AND MILDEW TREATED.   We also have tents that are fire treated in addition to the water and mildew treatment. Water & mildew treated does not mean water proof.  All canvas will eventually leak when the canvas gets saturated. Fire treated does not mean the canvas is fire proof.  Fire treated tents will burn if there is a continuous heat source.  Remove the heat source, such as a lantern against the wall, the canvas will stop burning.


I RECOMMEND YOU BUY A FLY or some type of very heavy duty poly tarp to protect your tent.  Additionally, there are thousands and thousands of needle holes in your roof.  Ordinarily, those needle holes will close up when dousing your tent with water to shrink the tent.  However, sometimes there are needle holes that don't close up.  It is best to buy a fly or heavy tarp so you don't have surprise leaks during hunting camp.


 PURCHASING TENT FRAME ANGLE KITS and then buying metal galvanized  conduit tubing,1 inch inside diameter, is the least expensive approach in acquiring a canvas hunting tent frame.  1" steel conduit is available at all big box stores and local hardware stores.  Frame shipping charges are exorbitant because of the weight and length of tent frame.  


Purchasing an angle kit for a 12x14 tent frame, including shipping, is $250 in savings when compared to  purchasing an entire frame.  16x20 savings is $400.  Normally, it takes about an hour to make a frame. Only tool required is a metal cutting tool such as a hacksaw, pipe cutter, sawzall, chop saw, worm saw with metal cutting blade, band saw, etc. Basically, any metal cutting tool available.  Always remove burrs after cutting pipe to correct length.  Burrs can easily cut your hand.


Making a frame is very easy and quick.  If you ever have questions on making a tent frame from an angle kit, call us.


Click FRAME KITS on main menu bar located near top of page for more info.

MOST WILDERNESS CANVAS HUNTING TENTS SIZES IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.  No sales tax and free shipping. Idaho residents must pay sales tax.


FREE TENT FEATURES. There is no other canvas hunting tent on the market that has the Wilderness free standard features, I guarantee it.


IF YOU NEED CAMP CANVAS HUNTING TENT IMMEDIATELY, I can ship a wilderness tent, wilderness stove or yukon stove and angle kit in 1 business day after purchase.