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Wood burning camp stoves are  available in different sizes that are designed for your specific size of tent.

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If you are  having trouble determining the stove model size you want I always recommend you buy the larger of 2 stove sizes.
You can always put less wood in a stove if it is not that cold during a hunting season.  However, when you have a hunting season that is very cold you are going to wish you had a large stove that will keep you warm all night.
Stoves are classified as " heavy" if the stove is made of 1/16" or 1/8" steel.  Lightweight stoves are basically made of  thin sheet metal.


Be very leery of stove burn times listed by manufacturers.  Some manufacturers exaggerate their burn times 50 %-75%.  A stove only provides heat when you have a fire in it.

For example, one stove company has a 1.6 cubic foot stove and states it has a 6-8 hours, impossible.

Another company has a 3.3 cubic feet stove with a stated burn time of 14- 16 hours, impossible.

The only way to compare burn times between stoves is to compare the size of the stoves in cubic feet.  The  stove with the largest firebox will always  burn the longest, especially, if that stove has a gasket on the door to make it airtight.

Review the table below that compares the major wood burning  camp stove  sizes in Cubic Feet (CF).  The stove models with the largest stoves are listed first and will burn the longest regardless of what some stove manufacturers state.
Hopefully, the table below will help you select the stove model and size that is best for you based on your tent size and weather conditions.
I recommend  you read the wood burning camp stoves info guide that explains stove features and options.
Recommended tent size listed below for each stove is based on my 45 years experience with stoves and tents.  Some tent sizes are applicable to two different stove sizes as noted below.  
I recommend the large stove models for a  12x14.  The standard size stove models will heat a 12 x14. However, not for very long based on the size of the stove firebox.  And it should be noted that the Wilderness standard stove is the largest standard model size available.


Wilderness and Yukon Stove Sizes

  • Wilderness 3 & Yukon 3
  • Recommended for 8x10 - 10x12 Tents
  • 2.17 CF (Wilderness 3)
  • 2.0 CF (Yukon 3)

  • Wilderness 4 & Yukon 4
  • Recommended for 12x14 - 14x16 Tents
  • 2.95 CF (Wilderness 4)
  • 2.66 CF (Yukon 4)


  • Wilderness 5 & Yukon 5
  • Recommended for 16x20 - 16x24 Tents
  • 3.85 CF (Wilderness 5)
  • 3.45 CF (Yukon 5)