Spike Tents available in 4 models. Spike tents can be made from 10 oz canvas or relite in our Montana Canvas Spike Tents.









I designed the Selkirk combining features from Wall Tents and Spike Tents. There is not another spike tent available that has our unique design and high quality for the price. Rich


NEW.  Selkirk now has webbing in roof seams from top peak to sidewalls for extra reinforcement.  Selkirk, by far the strongest and most durable spike tent available.


Selkirk Spike Tent is our best seller made from 10 oz army duck double fill canvas, the highest quality canvas available.


Selkirk model has more roof support than other spike tent models due to it's unique design with 3 roof support poles. One pole in the center and one pole at front & back doors. Roof height is 8 feet at the center and 6 feet 3" at each door.


The Selkirk will handle snow loads better than any other spike tent because it has 3 poles, center pole and 2 door poles, supporting the roof compared to a normal spike tent with only 1 center pole.


However, a canvas spike tent due to its lack of rafters cannot carry the heavy snow loads compared to a wall tent.  A wall tent can withstand heavy snow loads due to its internal frame with rafters that support the roof. Just like rafters in your house which are designed to support heavy snow loads.


Totally bug and varmint proof with its sewn-in floor and upside down canvas T-zippers. One canvas door zipper is vertical with two intersecting zippers one from each side of the door.




We love the 12 x12 spike tent. My son wants to buy a 14 x14.  Thanks for a great tent.  Evan


 Great design. I have not seen a tent on the market so well stitched with high quality canvas and workmanship for the price.  The design is just excellent.  The extras provided like stove jack, floor and zippered windows would cost a hell of a lot more from other manufacturers. I set it up by myself for the first time and it took me 35 minutes.  Next set up was much faster. Tyler


I recently ordered a 10 x10 Selkirk spike tent and it is awesome.  Exactly what I have been looking for.  Your customer service is outstanding.  I don't remember the name of the person who helped me but he was great.  It is not easy to find great customer service these days.  Thanks for the friendly service and awesome spike tent. Mike


 It been on my mind to contact you for sometime.  I want to take a couple minutes to evaluate your product and service.  Thank you for a great spike tent. I have had the tent long enough for two week long hunting trip. Our hunting trip proved to be nasty cold and wet which provided us with a great shake down and evaluation. The tent goes up well, stays up well even in howling winds and rain and in every sense proved its worth. Jamie 222


Just ordered my Selkirk Spike tent.  Adding screen doors was the best thing you did to make this tent almost perfect.  One of the things I wish I had was the ability to hang the center from an external frame to eliminate the internal pole.  Now that I think about it though, it might be possible since the hole is in the center for the pole tip.  I will have to experiment with it.  JT


I found your website very informational , as was the person I talked to on the phone.  I can't wait to try out the tent.  I should have my stove built in a few weeks. Dennis


I stayed in your 12 x 12 Spike tent at the Burning Man music festival and it was amazing.  The canvas was breathable.  Tent kept me cool while keeping out the fine desert dust.  I want to buy another one. Kyle.


 I purchased one of your Selkirk spike tents last year. Impressed with the double layer of canvas on roof ridge, webbing on the eaves with steel D rings.  I have always had issues on my tents with eave grommets that come lose after several years of hard use. Really appreciate the steel D rings instead of the weak grommets. As an outfitter I use my Selkirk 3-4 months a year. Your tent is very tough and really reinforced. I need another Selkirk 14 x 14.  Great spike tent. Marc


I have heard a lot about your company from my friends, especially the Selkirk.  My friends told me the Selkirk with the 3 interior poles and the reinforced ridge really handled snow loads well during their elk hunt. I want to order the 12 x12, fly, and wilderness stove package. Harlan.


Just calling to let you know you guys sell a great spike tent.  Couldn't have been happier.  Great deer hunt in my 10 x10, wilderness 3 deluxe.  Got a good 8 point, Thanks again.  Riley






4' SIDE WALLS. Many tents have 30" side walls which do not allow much headroom.


EAVES REINFORCED WITH WEBBING AND D RINGS. Much stronger than normal grommets pressed into canvas.



3 Pole roof support design - front - center - back - poles allows for extra headroom at the front and the rear of the spike tent for easy entry and more standing room inside compared to single and double pole spike tents.


Longest Interior Aluminum Pole is 31". Outside diameter of interior aluminum poles, 1 1/4".


Outside wall poles - 1 on each corner and every 3' along eaves. Spike tent wall poles are 3/4 " aluminum outside diameter.Middle outside wall support poles are not shown in some photos.


SEWN IN FLOOR. HEAVY DUTY 18 OZ VINYL. Competitor floors are usually 10-12 oz.  Our 50% heavier and thicker vinyl helps prevent punctures in floor when you step on a sharp pebble or sharp twig under floor.


Be advised some companies have sewn in floors but do not have extra door zippers that are parallel to the ground, only a flap that covers the sewn in floor. These competitor spike tents are not snake or bug proof.


TUB DESIGN which means the floor has no seams touching the ground. Tub design floors are less likely to ever have a leak. No sidewall canvas touching ground prevents water or morning due wicking up the canvas.


 Tub floor will have a floor wrinkle in the corners due to the tub design with the floor lifted off the ground.  Well worth the wrinkle so the floor seams are not on the ground with a possibility of a leak. Due to the tub design, do not put anything heavy directly next to the wall as you could weaken the tub and wall seam.   


Floors do not have a cut out or zipper area for the stove. A cut out or zipper area for stove allows insects and varmints to enter through the cut out area. Also, sometimes water pools under the stove when a cut out floor is used. We use a continuous floor with a mat under the stove to keep out bugs, rodents and water.


Floor and side walls sewn together with black webbing for extra reinforcement and strength.


FRONT & BACK  DOORS with tough YKK zippers and  canvas storm flap with buckles.  For safety reasons it is best to have a back door, provided free, when you have a sewn in floor.


2 SIDE WINDOWS have screen mesh with zippered flaps on inside with velcro top.


STOVE PIPE OPENING 5 1/2" with pattern for 6" if needed.


DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE to reinforce stress points.








Fly is highly Recommended.  Fly provides protection from:

1. Stove pipe sparks on roof burning pin holes in the canvas.
2. UV rays.
3. It provides another moisture barrier,
4. Allows water and snow to run off the roof easily as fly is a smooth poly material.
5. Rain water and snow is forced 1 foot from side of tent because the fly extends 8 inches past each side wall.
6. Keeps your spike tent clean.
If you get  tree pitch or tree resin on your roof you will need a strong detergent to remove tree pitch or resin.  The harsh detergent will also remove the fire, water and mildew treatment.  You will have leaks in the canvas at every location where the strong detergent was used.


Fire Proof Mat. Sewn in Floor. FOR YOUR SAFETY, you must have a fireproof material under your stove, extending a minimum 12" to front and 6" to sides and the back. We have fire 3' x 4' mats available that go under stove for $50.


Front and Back Screen Doors.  Entire width of tent.  Provides great ventilation. Inverted T zipper on each screen door.  Makes tent totally bug proof.


Stakes 12" rebar18" rebar or 18" double T rebar.




10 x 10 has 100 square feet.


12 x 12 has 144 square feet. 44% more floor space than a 10 x 10 spike tent.


14x14 has 196 square feet. 36% more than a 12 x 12.


COMFORTABLE SLEEPING: Capacity along walls in 7' cots. Add 1 person if sleeping on floor in a sleeping bag.


10 x 10 Two people

12 x 12 Three people

14 x 14 Four people


Front & back door height 6'4"

Ridge Height


10 x 12 and 12 x 12:  8'


14 x 14: 9'


A 4" gap between the fly and top of sidewall is recommended. Gap is accomplished by having the fly rope stakes farther away from the tent than the tent eave rope stakes. If there is no gap, the top of your poles will rub a hole in the fly.  Recommend putting tennis balls or racquet balls on tips of side poles to prevent any possible damage to a fly.


3 roof support poles provides much stronger roof support during snow loads than the single or double pole spike tents. A Single pole spike tent is especially vulnerable to snow loads.


      • Total Weight Spike Package includes: tent, poles ropes & tensioners. Poles weigh 16 lbs; ropes and tensioners weigh 6 lbs.
    • Fire, Water/Mildew treated:
    • 10 x 10 weighs 80 lbs.
    • 12X12 weighs 104lbs.
    • 14x14 weighs 113lbs




Spike Tent