Canvas tent frames, wall tent frames, aluminum frame and tent angle kits available.




An internal frame is strong and can withstand high winds and snowstorms. A frames for packing in are available also.


I strongly encourage you to look at my tent frame angle kit. Purchasing angle kits and then purchasing 1” inside diameter, thin walled, electrical conduit at a local hardware store is the most economical approach to purchasing an internal frame. Internal frame shipping charges are very high due to the weight and length of an internal frame.


If you purchase an angle kit I will provide pole cut list to cut your frame poles after you measure your tent. Typical frame savings using an angle kit on a 12x14 internal frame is $250 including shipping. Normally, it takes about an hour to make a frame. Only tool required is a hack saw or pipe cutter or saw zall or any other tool you have that cuts metal pipe.

95% of my customers buy an angle kit and make their own frame.

Before ordering a frame, you must provide the following measurements of your tent : wall height (A), rafter/slope length (B), width ( C ), ridge length ( D ). See diagram below for specific measuring instructions. Double check your measurements when measuring all canvas tents.

Add A, B, C, D Measuring diagram from our How to Measure a Tent.

 Types of tent frames:

1. Internal Frame. Aluminum canvas tent frames or galvanized steel canvas tent frames are normally used by individuals tent camping near a road. However, lightweight aluminum tent frames can be easily packed in on horses. Aluminum tent poles should be tied tightly together to reduce rattling that might spook your horse.

2. Angle Kits. You can easily make your own canvas tent frame by purchasing 1" electrical conduit from local hardware stores. Purchasing an angle kit and 1" steel conduit is much cheaper than purchasing and shipping a complete tent frame. Steel tent poles are very heavy and shipping is expensive. We have both fixed and adjustable angle kits for canvas tents available.

3. Lodge Pole Frame. Normally used by re-enactors or individuals who pack in on horses and make their own tent poles using lodge poles.