Custom fixed steel angle kits are used when our standard and wilderness angle kits will not work on a specific tent.

Most CUSTOM angle kits will ship 4-8 weeks after ordering
Custom angles are available from 95 degrees to 135 degrees.

Tent roof degree of angle varies just like houses. When driving down a street, you will notice the roof pitch changes from house to house.

You can have the same size of tent, from 2 different manufacturers, and the ridge slope can vary 10-15 degrees.
For that reason, I strongly suggest you measure your tent’s width and slope. Call us with your measurements or enter the width and slope info in the buy angle kit section above. We will determine the correct angle for your roof and eave angle.

View the video provided (click VIDEO tab above) which shows you how to measure your width and slope, B & C MEASUREMENTS.

Also written instructions are here: How to measure your tent for an angle kit. Only measurements required are your tent slope and width. Any questions, feel free to call us.

Your custom ridge angles will be marked “R”. Use these angles only for your ridge. The remaining angles will be used for the eaves.

We always have in stock our standard 120 degree angles for the Wilderness tents and the Montana Tents which have 110 degrees at the ridge and 125 degrees at the eaves.

If you are not positive on tent frame angles required, I recommend you measure your tent. Click How to measure your tent for angle kits.

After measuring your tent, call or email with measurements and we can determine the correct degree of angles are required for your tent. It is very likely we will can ship your custom angles within 1-3 days.

THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM ANGLE KITS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Measure your tent accurately to insure you receive the correct degree of angles for your tent. If the tent measurements you provide are not accurate - the custom angle kit will not fit your tent. Therefore, you will have to order and pay for another set of custom angles.

Leg Cap Ends. Keeps dirt out of leg ends.

Frame Bags. For hauling and storing your frame.

10" sleeves. If you need to rafters cut in half for transporting.

Leg Supports. For frames on platforms.