5' Walls 6' Walls
8x10 45 lb 50 lb
10x12 65 lb 72 lb
12x14 73 lb 80 lb
14x16 85 lb 92 lb
16x20 111 lb 119 lb
16x24 121 lb 130 lb
  Peak with 5' Wall Peak with 6' Wall
8x10 7'9" 8'9"
10x12 8' 9'
12x14 8'4" 9'4"
14x16 8'9" 9'9"
16x20 9'3" 10'3"
16x24 9'3" 10'3"

 6' WALL OPTION.     Limited quantities, pre order to insure you will receive one.


VIEW 50 TENT PICTURES from some of our satisfied customers for ideas, tent set up and size requirements.


TESTIMONIALS. Click to read Wilderness Tent testimonials.

MORE INFO tab above explains options available and provides much more information on the wilderness tent.  Recommended  reading.  If you have questions after reading about wilderness wall tent options call us.  Rich

PHOTOS - Use arrow (<  >) on photos to view all pictures.  Second picture is ANGLE KIT DIAGRAM. Suggest you view angle kit diagram for better understanding of angle kits.

 WILDERNESS WALL TENT STANDARD FEATURES are $300 worth of options on some other tent company models. 

5 FOOT WALLS  provide much more headroom.

FREE BACK DOOR OR BACK WINDOW. No other tent company offers a free back door or back window- your choice. A $50 free feature. 

STOVE JACK IN ROOF. 5 1/2" inch.  6 inch available by cutting out just before stitched pattern on stove jack. Front left corner in roof. Roof stove jack allows for much better draw, especially, in higher elevations. Stove jack in roof allows for easier pipe installation. No elbows and no outside pipe support required vs a wall stove jack.

STORM FLAP/COLORADO DOOR. 8" storm flap with buckles protects front & back door zippers.  Helps keeps out the wind. A $50 option on some tents.

FREE REINFORCED EAVE WITH WEBBING ENTIRE LENGTH OF EAVE.  Much stronger than eaves with no reinforcement.  A $100 option on some tents.

STEEL D RINGS SEWN INTO WEBBING.  Much stronger than tents with metal grommets pressed into canvas eaves. Not available from other tent companies.

DOUBLE LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE.  Reinforces tent ridge.  Very necessary when using lodge pole frames.  A wall tent roof will tear or rip very easily if lodge pole is not smooth when pole is being pushed through ridge pole openings.  Some tent companies charge $75-$100 for this free feature.

VINYL SOD CLOTH. 10" vinyl sod cloth sewn onto bottom of the wall.  Acts as an air seal and keeps canvas off the ground.  Prevents water wicking up the canvas walls.

TENT BAG. Some companies charge $35 for a tent bag.  Rolled up inside of tent.

RIDGE OPENINGS FOR LODGE POLE.  Flaps seal openings when lodge pole not used.

FRONT ZIPPERED DOOR, YKK #10. The highest quality heavy duty zipper made.

200 FEET OF ROPE AND 20 TENSIONERS are rolled up inside tent.


6' side walls provide much more headroom and usable tent space.  6' walls allows a person to get next to a wall without hitting your head against rafters or canvas roof.


Some companies only have 4' 7" sidewalls which severely restricts how much space you can actually use.

Strongly recommend you ask your suppliers the finished height of side walls before purchasing so you will not be surprised or disappointed upon delivery.


At the bottom of this page are option photos and explanations. Options include porches, cook shacks, flys (protective tarp), floors. .  

TENTS ON PLATFORMS.   I strongly recommend you read my recommendations regarding placing wall tents on a platform, click platforms.

ANGLE KITS available ( diagram of angle kit above in photo section)

Click angle kits for information on angle kits and how to easily build a frame in 60-90 minutes using steel conduit available at all hardware stores. $200-$400 savings dependent on size of tent purchased

FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.


Rich, thanks for explaining all the different features and options options available on the Wilderness Tent and Wilderness Stove.  Made buying the tent much easier once I knew what the hell I was doing. Thanks. Pete

Great tent.  Really impressed when I took the tent out of the box and examined it.  My boys and I can't wait to take it hunting.  Gilbert

 I was really impressed by how helpful you guys were when I was buying my tent.  Being new to camping I really didn't know much, as you probably knew from my questions. Thanks for helping me select the best size tent and stove for my family.  Ken

Hello, I purchased a wilderness tent a while ago for this year's elk hunt.  Your tent is fantastic!  We headed out scouting a week before season opened.  While setting it up a storm blew in on the mountain we were hunting.  It blew and rained like the dickens, your tent stayed dry and toasty, most of all it stayed up.  What a tent!  Mathew

We used our 16x20 wilderness tent last week.  The temperature dropped to -10 degrees.  We survived. Great Tent.  Thanks for your help with everything.  Mark

Thanks Rich.  The tent is awesome and just what I needed for hunting camp.  Can't wait to go hunting in my wilderness tent.  Robert

I really like my tent.  Cook shack was a good addition to my 14 x 16.  I appreciate your service. You guys do a great job. Johnny

Tent looks awesome.  Good  quality.  Great customer service.  Todd

I have a friend who set up his new 16 x 20 wilderness tent.  It is beautiful and well made.  I want the same set up, tent,  yukon stove , extended fly, angle kit upgrade, cook shack and floor.  Jeremy

I thought that I would let you know how your 12 x 14 and matching fly worked out for us this year in our annual deer hunt. The weather reached -6 Fahrenheit.  The snow was knee deep when we reached camp this year .  Every day we would receive an additional  3-5 inches of snow. Your wilderness canvas tent worked great and stayed completely dry inside.  The fly easily shed all the snow and ice.  The wilderness wall tent fit the conduit frame great thanks to the accurate dimensions provided to me.  Cutting the conduit was very easy.  I cannot say enough about the value in this tent. We really appreciate the quality.  Can't wait until next November.  Marc

  Thanks for the tent and all your help.  Looking forward to buying more great items from Wall Tent Shop.  Dan

  Great tent.  We really enjoyed it during hunting season.  Top quality.  Thanks again for helping us pick the right  canvas tent size. Steve

  My son and I bought a complete tent package, tent, stove, fly and angle kit a few years ago. Just wanted to let you know that we are totally pleased with no complaints.  Harry

  Hi Rich. The Wilderness wall tent works great. Beau



                                       MORE INFO ON WILDERNESS TENT

CLICK  back to Wilderness Package Special.

                                                                WILDERNESS TENT OPTIONS

STANDARD FLY covers the entire roof and has a 1 foot overhang on each side to force any rain or snow 1 foot away from the roof. Stove jack area cut out and reinforced with webbing to match stove pipe opening in tent. Clear poly material - 100% UV protection. Fly has center ridge grommets on each end and grommets along sides. Includes ropes, tensioners.

FLY TARP RECOMMENDATION: I strongly recommend a fly for all wilderness canvas hunting tents.
Protects canvas roof from sparks burning a hole in the roof. I would much rather have a spark burn hole in my fly than my roof.
Not a cheap thin tarp as some other tent companies provide. Includes 200 feet of rope and tensioners. 
Provides another moisture barrier.
Forces rain and snow 1 foot away from side walls due to fly overhang on sides of tent.
Protects the tent from UV rays. 
Keeps your tent roof clean from dirt coming down from trees when it rains.
Provides insulation in cold weather.
Protects  roof from pitch and sap.  Pitch and sap falls regularly from trees and will land on a canvas tent roof.  If pitch or sap lands on your tent you will need a strong cleaner to remove pitch and sap. Strong cleaners destroy and remove your water, mildew and fire treatment on your tent.  Then you will definitely need a fly.
Fly opening in roof for stove pipe.  When stove is not in use hole is covered with flap .

EXTENDED FLYS are an 8¹ extension to the front of a normal fly. Provides a covered area for storage, a shaded area or rain barrier if you want to sit outside during inclement weather.

VINYL EAVE CORNERS are designed to cut a slit in the vinyl to continue your tent frame through the vinyl and then connect to your extended fly, porch or cook shack frame. Cutting through canvas corners on normal tent is not advised as the canvas will continue to fray after being cut.  It is recommended to order vinyl eave corners If you ever might have a awning, porch, cook shack or an extended fly.

FLOOR: 18 oz vinyl. Most other tent companies only have a 12 oz vinyl. Our vinyl is 50% thicker. Loose vinyl floor. Grommets at corners for staking. Floor does not have a cut out area for stove. It is best to have a continuous floor to keep bugs and water out when using your stove. Insure you put a non flammable material under stove. We have fire proof mats available for $50.

SEWN IN SCREEN DOOR: Screen covers the entire width of the tent. Some companies only provide a 5-6¹ wide screen area. Zippered with ties to tie back screen door when not needed.
Only 2 variations of screen doors available.
       Front screen door, 2 side windows and back window.
       Front & Back screen door, 2 side windows and back door.

WINDOWS are 30 inch x 30 inch with mesh screens. Canvas Flap covers window when not in use. Zippers on side of flap with velcro top makes the window airtight. Side windows are required for any tent that has a screen door as these tents are pre-made.

AWNING: Extension of roof only. Sides and front open. Separate extension with 12 inch overlap with the tent roof. Includes ropes and tensioners. Sewn on option is not available.

PORCH: Extension of roof and walls of the tent. Front is open. Separate extension with 12 inch overlap. Includes ropes, tensioners. NO Stove jack option. Sewn on option is not available.

COOK SHACK: Extension of roof, walls, front enclosed with a flap and zipper door. Cook shack provides a totally enclosed area for storage and cooking. Separate extension with 8-12 inch overlap of the tent roof. Includes ropes, tensioners. Cook shacks have a stove jack in roof, 30" in from front left wall and 30" up roof line. Sewn on option is not available.

STOVE JACK LOCATIONS Roof- front left corner Side wall- front eft corner Back Wall- centered Roof- centered, 30² from side wall, 16x20 & 16x24 only.

                                                                 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

LAYAWAY: To lock in special prices, you can pay 1/4 down and balance within 6 months. Products will ship when order is paid in full.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU CALL OR EMAIL ME if you are just starting camping.  I will be glad to answer any questions you have on canvas tents, tent stoves, angle kits and frames to help you purchase what you really need and want. Rich

READ MY TENT INFO GUIDES. It provides much information on 20 different topics that will assist you in selecting the correct canvas tent model and size to purchase.

CLICK TESTIMONIALS  to read Wilderness testimonials from many satisfied hunters.

WILDERNESS CANVAS IS ARMY DUCK- DOUBLE FILL. The highest quality canvas made. Canvas is made by weaving threads together, crosswise and lengthwise. The Army Duck canvas has 2 threads twisted together making 1 thread. These double twisted threads are woven into the canvas going both crosswise and lengthwise. Twisting 2 threads together into 1 makes Army Duck canvas stronger more durable and also allows the canvas to breath better.  A 10.1 oz Army Duck wall tents are just as strong as a 12 oz Dual Fill.

ALL CANVAS IS MADE OVERSEAS. Has been for the last 20-30 years. Some companies will try to imply their tent canvas is made in the US or Canada. That is just not accurate. I would be very careful in dealing with any company that states or implies their canvas is made in the US or Canada.

I DON'T BUY CANVAS OR ANY ITEM FROM CHINA. China has unfair trade practices and is a communist country.  China manipulates its currency to flood countries with cheap and less quality products.

PLAN FOR A TENT STOVE TAKING  UP 7' OF SPACE ALONG A WALL.  This includes stove and heat stand off distances from front wall and to a cot.

PURCHASING TENT FRAME ANGLE KITS and then purchasing 1 inch inside diameter, thin walled, electrical conduit at a local hardware store is the most economical approach to purchasing an internal frame.  Frame shipping charges are very high due.  Typical frame savings using an angle kit to make a 12x14 internal frame, including shipping, is $250. Only tool required is a metal cutting tool such as a hacksaw or pipe cutter or sawzall or chop saw etc. Basically, any tool you have that cuts  metal will work.

Click FRAME KIT tab at main menu bar at top of page for detailed information on making your own frame from steel conduit.

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF THE 3 WATER MILDEW TREATMENTS, sunforger, paraffin, and marine grade/boatshrunk.

I sell different models of tents with each of the 3 water mildew treatments.
After selling thousands of tents, I believe there is no advantage of  one treatment being better than the others.  All water mildew treatments works great.

Some companies claim a specific treatment is better than the others.  And that somehow a water and mildew treatment makes the canvas stronger.
Saying one water mildew treatment is better is like saying a Ford is a better pick up than a Chevy or a Dodge. It is just personal preference.

Companies that say their type of treatment is better only sell  that type of water mildew treatment.  So naturally, salesmen will tell you their type of treatment is best.

My approach, if you have quality canvas - treated with any of 3 water mildew treatments - the end result will be quality canvas, regardless of which treatment is applied.

I suggest you watch our canvas strength video where I attach a rope to a D ring on the eave and  then I stand on it to demonstrates how strong our canvas is.


DETERMINING WHICH CANVAS TENTS & SIZE TO BUY: The amount of square footage in a tent increases tremendously when going up one size. Insure you buy the size that fully meets your requirements. Compare the price difference percentage between the 2 sizes of canvas tents you are considering vs the percentage increase in square footage gained by purchasing the larger size.  The purchase price percentage increase will be significantly less than the percentage square footage increase.

Stove area requirement in a tent must be considered in all sizes of tents: You must plan on a stove taking up to 7 feet along a wall in all family camping tents. There is an automatic 2 + feet standoff from the front wall due to the stove jack location. The stove itself is normally around 2 feet in length. There is normally a 3 feet heat standoff distance from the stove before you can place a cot or table.

If you have trouble selecting between 2 different tent sizes, chalk out the different sizes on your driveway and then chalk out stove cots, table and any storage area.  Chalk out both sizes of tents side by side to see the significant difference between the two sizes.

Hopefully, chalking tent sizes will help you make a decision. One more note, I have never heard anyone say they wish they had purchased a smaller tent. The tent area fills up very quickly with all your cots, gear and stove.


a. A 10x12 (120 square feet) is 50% larger than a 8x10 (80 square feet)
b. A 12x14 (168 square feet) is 40% larger than a 10x12 (120 square feet)
c. A 14x16 (224 square feet) is 33% larger than a 12x14 (168 square feet)
d. A 16x20 (320 square feet) is 42% larger than a 14x16 (224 square feet)
e. A 16x24 (384 square feet) is 20% larger than a 16x20 (320 square feet)

STOVE PIPE ABOVE RIDGE OF TENT: It is best to have your stove pipe long enough to extend at least 6 -12 inches or more above the tent ridge. Having the stove pipe above the tent ridge allows the wind coming from any direction to blow sparks away the tent roof thus reducing the possibility of spark holes being burnt in the roof.

If possible, try to position your canvas tent so the stove jack side is downwind from prevailing winds to reduce the possibility of sparks landing on the roof.

To insure your stove pipe is above the ridge buy a stove with 8' of stove pipe or buy extra stove pipe.  Many stoves only have 6' 6" of pipe.  Both our Wilderness stove and Yukon stove have 8' of pipe and have the extra long 18" legs vs the 12" legs on other stoves.