The Montana Canvas Outfitter Tent is made per order in the USA and imported to Canvas Tent Shop in Castlegar, BC.  Based on time of year, typical ship time is between 6 - 12 weeks.


                                                                     STANDARD CHARACTERISTICS WITH EVERY MONTANA CANVAS WALL TENT.
HEAVY PARAFFIN FIRE, WATER, MILDEW TREATMENT that will make the tent very water, mildew and fire resistant. The paraffin treatment is very similar to canvas used in the military.
STOVE JACK with a weather flap in your choice of 4", 5", or 6" opening. Flap includes velcro and buckles. Stove jack is on left side in the roof as you enter the tent. Center of stove jack is 32" from left end wall and 24" from left side wall.
EXTRA LAYER OF CANVAS ON RIDGE and additional reinforcement at the gable ends.
SOD CLOTH sewn onto the outfitter tents bottom extends a generous 12" beyond the tent floor to provide a weather-tight seal. Compatible with any terrain and weather condition, the sod cloth can be folded inside or extended outside the assembled outfitter tent.
ZIPPER DOOR, STORM FLAP WITH BUCKLES. Heavy duty trouble-free YKK zipper with a generous weather flap that is secured by Fastex side release buckles. So easy to use. In mild weather, simply buckle the doors open and enjoy the great outdoors!
REINFORCED EAVES. Outfitter tents eaves and bottom of tent have 18 oz. truck vinyl with 1/4" rope sewn between two layers of canvas doubled stitched. This reinforcement is to ensure extra strength at all grommet locations.
SIX LAYERS OF CANVAS on end wall seams -double lock stitched.
REINFORCED WEBBING at the bottom of each outfitter tent is reinforced with webbing and utilizes grommets instead of sewn-in stake loops to allow you to stake your tent from the inside or outside.
WEBBING AT TOP OF DOOR for reinforcement.
A DVD is provided that shows you how to set up and care for your outfitter tent.
                                                                                                           GENERAL INFO
10oz Canvas
12oz Canvas
Relite - A 250D is a lightweight polyester material in a khaki color.
Blend - A 10oz Canvas roof and relite sidewalls / doors.

COOK SHACK option is 12' long and will have a 1'overlap with tent. Only 11'  of useable cook shack space. 

                                                                                                  CUSTOM TENT ORDERS

The Montana Canvas Outfitter Wall Tent can be ordered with many different options. Please give us a call if you are interested in ordering any of the following options:  


  • Custom Window size (screen or plastic) -
  • 3' x 3' screened window with zippered flap or larger.
  • Screen Door
  • Zippered Door
  • Tie Door - No additional charge. 
  • Wood Door Opening cut in canvas.
  • Zippered Corners to roll up side wall.
  • Screen Sidewalls. 
  • Custom Porch with Screen Sidewalls.
  • Custom Porch with canvas side walls that roll up with screen sidewalls.
  • Oversized Fire Treated Porch. 
  • 2 Eave Openings with Flaps 
  • 2 Eave Socks 
  • 2 Ridge Socks
  • 6' Walls
  • Additional stove jack     


  1. Made of 1 3/8" round aluminum.
  2. Push button on ANGLE JOINTS only to lock in frame poles.
  3. Slip joint for quick one person setup.
  4. Caps on bottom of legs.
  5. Montana Canvas aluminum frames will only fit Montana Canvas Tents.

Vinyl tent frame bags included ON ALL MONTANA CANVAS TENT FRAMES. These frame bags have an open top with a draw string.

If you prefer tent bags with a zipper these frame bags are available at tent accessories web page.


STOVE JACK IN FRONT DOOR FLAP: If you prefer your stove jack in the front door flap you must order the flap on the left side while looking at the front of outfitter tents. The left door flap is the only stove jack location because the right front door flap is the flap that normally opens. The right side flap has the 10" storm flap which overlaps the front left door flap. Additionally, there is a seam on the front left flap, on the canvas tents, 3' from the side wall. The stove jack should be 4 1/2' from the sidewall to preclude the stove jack being in the seam. However, if you really want the stove jack 3' from the sidewall, and in the seam it is your choice. However, I would not recommend the stove jack in a seam. If you want the stove jack in the back wall the 3' seam is on both the left and right side. Again, I recommend the outfitter tent stove jack in the back wall be 4 1/2' from either the left or right side. Remember, the higher the stove jack is on a wall the better the draw will be.

MONTANA CANVAS SIDEWALL SEAMS: All 10 oz. canvas tents have 5' seams, 12 oz. canvas tents have 4' seams and blend tents only have seams at the edges/corners.

REAR WINDOW: Rear tent window, if ordered, will be slightly off center to the left, looking at the window from inside the outfitters tent. Window off center to the left is to avoid the seam. Bottom of window is 4' 6" from bottom of tent.

RAIN FLY: Stove jack area is zippered and reinforced with webbing. Relite material- 100% UV protection. Fly center ridge grommets on each end match tent grommets to ensure fly doesn't move and accidentally hit stove pipe. Includes ropes, tensioners, stakes/spikes. A rain fly protects the canvas from ultra violet rays, provides another moisture barrier, keeps the canvas roof clean by preventing sap, pitch and dirt from accumulating on the roof when the tent is set up near trees. And most importantly, the fly protects the tent roof from any stove sparks that might land on the canvas which will burn pin holes in the roof.
The fly is an absolute necessity if you have a relite tent with the relite roof. Sparks from the stovepipe will quickly burn pin holes in the roof resulting in leaks.
The fly should rest on the outfitter tent ridge and have a 4-6 inch gap between the fly and the eave. This air gap allows air circulation between the fly and the canvas roof to dry the canvas when it becomes wet. If you place the fly directly onto the canvas roof there is a possibility of rot and mildew forming.
If you already own a tent and there is mildew or rot on your tent, that area is no longer waterproof. If you currently have a tent with a leaking roof, do not treat the canvas with canvak unless the roof leaks only at the seam.
When you treat an entire roof with canvak, the canvak seals the cotton pores making your roof airtight which prevents the canvas from breathing. As a result you can get condensation inside the tent just like a synthetic tent.

SEWN IN FLOOR: Made of white laminated vinyl for strength and ease of cleaning. Nylon stake loops. Stove location on floor has a zipper for rollback of either the vinyl or relite sewn in floor. Relite outfitter tents normally have Relite floors, tan or white or white vinyl - you choose. Specify floor color when ordering - if not specified tan will be ordered. A tan relite floor is recommended as it will not show dirt as much as the white relite.


For non sewn in floors, a relite or vinyl floor can be ordered for Montana tent you order. Factors to consider:

  1. Weight: Vinyl floor for a particular tent size is about 3 times as heavy.
  2. Durability. Vinyl floor is much more durable than a relite floor. Relite floor is much thinner and a rock or twig puncture is quite possible if you did not remove these items prior to setting up your tent.
  3. Color. Vinyl is only white. Relite is white or brown. Both the vinyl and relite floors are easy to clean.

RELITE FLOORS: Relite floors are thin and there is a strong possibility of floor punctures when stepping on sharp objects such as rocks, pieces of branches, etc, that are under the tent floor area. Thoroughly remove all sharp objects in your tent set up area to prevent punctures. I strongly recommend the Montana Canvas vinyl floor if weight is not an issue as the vinyl floor is much more durable.

DETERMINING WHAT TENT SIZE TO BUY: The amount of square footage in a tent increases tremendously when going up just one size in a tent. If you are not sure which tent size is best, chalk out the 2 sizes on your driveway and then mark out items you plan on having in the tent.
a. A 10x12 (120 square feet) is 50% larger than a 8x10 (80 square feet)
b. A 12x14 (168 square feet) is 40% larger than a 10x12 (120 square feet)
c. A 14x17 (238 square feet) is 42% larger than a 12x14 (168 square feet)
d. A 16x20 (320 square feet) is 35% larger than a 14x17 (238 square feet)
e. A 16x23 (368 square feet) is 15% larger than a 16x20 (320 square feet) f. A 18x23 (414 square feet) is 15% larger than a 16x23 (368 square feet)

MILDEW AND ROT: Storing a wet outfitter tent will cause the canvas to rot If setting up your tent outside to dry after hunting season is not an option, I strongly suggest you set the tent up in a garage or work shop until it is completely dry.

STOVE AREA REQUIREMENTS IN A TENT: You must plan on a stove taking up to 7 feet along a wall in your outfitter tent. 

PORCH: Extension of roof and walls of the tent. Front is open. Porch is separate extension with 24 inch overlap. Does not include ropes, tensioners, stakes/spikes. See options for pricing. Montana tent is the only tent company that includes a screened area at the porch end. A great feature in areas with a lot of bugs and mosquitoes.

COOK SHACK: Extension of roof, walls, front enclosed with a door, the are butting up next to the tent is open. Cook shack provides a totally enclosed area for storage and cooking. Cook shack is separate extension only extension with 24 inch overlap of the tent roof. Includes ropes, tensioners, stakes/spikes. Stove jack is an option - $55. Sometimes, it is cost effective to buy another small tent to use as a cook shack than buying a cook shack. The small tent can be used as a cook shack and you can use the smaller tent when there are less people hunting.

SEWN IN FLOOR: Made of white laminated vinyl for strength and ease of cleaning. Nylon stake loops. Stove location on floor has a zipper for rollback of either the vinyl or relite sewn in floor. Relite outfitter tents normally have Relite floors, tan or white or white vinyl - you choose. Specify floor color when ordering - if not specified tan will be ordered. A tan relite floor is recommended as it will not show dirt as much as the white relite.

Products manufactured by Montana Canvas are warranted against defects of materials and workmanship. Any product found defective will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of Montana Canvas) without charge when the product is returned to the retail seller with freight charges prepaid.  All warranty issues are handled  directly by the Montana Canvas Company.

Tent Weights and Peak Heights listed below:

  10 oz 12 oz
8x10 46 lb 50 lb
10x12 61 lb 64 lb
10x14 66 lb 71 lb
12x14 70 lb 80 lb
12x17 75 lb 84 lb
14x17 92 lb 100 lb
14x20 98 lb 110 lb
16x20 107 lb 128 lb
16x23 117 lb 138 lb
18x23 140 lb 151 lb

Blend Relite
8x10 28 lb 16 lb
10x12 37 lb 21 lb
10x14 40 lb 23 lb
12x14 42 lb 25 lb
12x17 45 lb 28 lb
14x17 56 lb 32 lb
14x20 59 lb 36 lb
16x20 65 lb 41 lb
16x23 71 lb 44 lb
18x23 85 lb 51 lb
Peak with 5' Walls Peak with 6' Walls
8x10 7'11" 8'11"
10x12 8'11" 9'11"
10x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x17 8'11" 9'11"
14x17 10' 11'
14x20 10' 11'
16x20 9'8" 10'8"
16x23 9'8' 10'8"
18x23 10'3" 11'3"