Accessories for Canvas Tents

Canvas tent accessories inside your tent can make a more organized and comfortable camp.

Click ACCESSORIES on the main menu bar to view all accessories available.

Tent accessories I use:

Coat Rack, I use two racks. One for my clothes and the second rack to help me stay organized. I hang my hunting belt with knife on it, my elk bugle, my cow call, and cow elk urine sprayer. That way in the morning I am quickly ready for the hunt.

Camp cupboard, I use the cupboard to store food items that mice and insects like to eat. The cupboard has shelves for organizing and a zippered front to make it varmint proof.

Frame bags, make storing and transporting your frame much easier. You put your frame in the frame bag at the end of the hunt and you know all the frame parts are there when you prep for your hunting trip the following year.

Fireproof mat. Mat goes under stove to protect my vinyl floor.