Comparing Tent Cost



      • Identify standard features the canvas tent has that you are considering
      • What options and cost you want such as side windows, screen doors, fly, floor, extended fly, porch or cook shack, etc.
      • Most canvas tent buyers want at the minimum these standard features:
        • Front door with zipper
        • Storm flap with buckles to cover zipper. If zipper fails, tent can be closed with buckles on storm flap.
        • Stove jack
        • 9" - 10" vinyl sod cloth to keep canvas tents clean and sealed against the ground
        • Rope with tensioners
        • Tent bag to store and transport tent.
      • Canvas Tent cost comparison:
      • If the canvas tent you are considering purchasing does not have the standard features listed above, you need to add the costs of those features to the price of the tent before you can make a valid tent comparison.
      • Some canvas tent manufacturers list common standard features as options to increase the price of the tent from their initial low advertising price.
Some tent companies charge extra for:
Tent Bag $25
Storm flap over door $35
Stove jack $35-$50
Sod cloth $25-$45
Ridge Opening $25
Reinforced Ridge (extra layer of canvas) $50- $75
If a tent company charges extra for any of the above items you might want to take a pass and keep on looking for a better deal.
Purchase an angle kit and make your frame out of conduit with $200 savings  for a 12x14 size tent for 1 hours work. Or purchase a complete frame and pay for the shipping to your location. 95+% of my customers buy an angle kit and make their own frame.
  • It should be noted that all tent canvas used in Canadian manufactured canvas tents is imported from primarily Pakistan, India and China. 

Hopefully this guide will be of some benefit to you. If you have questions you can always call us. Rich