Cylinder Stove Assembly

  1.  Cylinder stove assembly
  2. Unpack parts and inventory items to insure you received the items in your package .
  3. LEGS. The 4 legs are threaded – screw  legs into brackets on bottom of stove.
  4. TRAY. The tray is made to fit on both sides of the fire box.  Insert pins into pipe sleeve on the side you wish to attach tray.
  5. WATER TANK.  Attaches to either side of stove. Unscrew faucet that is screwed into the water tank backwards to protect faucet during shipping.  Place faucet in tank opening and place O ring on the inside of tank and tighten nut, hand tighten only.
  6. ASSEMBLE PIPE - 4 sections.  Smallest section of pipe, crimped end, goes into stove.
  7. SPARK ARRESTOR.  Fits onto the top section of stove pipe.