Riley Pellet Stove

Riley has been the industry leader in making non electric stoves for the last 20 years. Gravity fed pellet system.
The Dude and City Slicker are designed for burning only wood.
The Silver Bullet, Wrangler and Trail Boss are combination stoves and can burn either wood or pellet. Changing stove configuration for either wood or pellets takes about 1 minute.
One of the major advantages of the the Riley non electric pellet stove is that it is the lightest stove on the market and is very portable. The lightest is the City Slicker at 33 lbs and the heaviest is the Trail Boss which weighs 60 lbs.
Non electric pellet stoves are gravity fed with a superior design that has proven itself for 20 years.
All pellet stoves require as much air as possible to work efficiently. A damper or spark arrestor is not recommended. Operation above 8,000 feet is not recommended.
However, if you must use any non electric pellet stove above 8,000 feet - A tip from one of our customers - to improve performance put a brick on top of the pellets in the hopper. Our customer states emphatically the brick works.
To start the pellets on fire there are recommended methods - use charcoal lighter fluid or an LP burner.