Shrinking your canvas tent to fit your internal frame

When you make your frame from an angle kit you must make your frame 1-2 % smaller than the actual size to allow for tent shrinkage. Information for making a frame using angle kits is at angle kit instructions.
  1. Ensure you have guy ropes on your wall tent and leave some slack to compensate for shrinkage.
  2. Also have stakes along the bottom of the walls to insure your tent side walls do not over shrink on one side.
  3. It is imperative that when you wet your wall tent you thoroughly soak the seams. There are small needle holes where the seams are sewn together.
  4. Thoroughly soaking the seams normally closes the needle holes which will prevent seam leakage. Soak the seams on both the outside and inside of the tent.
  5. Wetting down the tent causes the cotton fibers to swell which makes a tighter weave increasing water resistance.
If you purchase a fly with your wall tent it is not necessary to wet down your tent
1. The wall tent fly completely covers your roof and acts as a moisture barrier and not very much rain or snow will ever touch your roof.
2. However, always stake out your tent so when your wall tent does have moisture on it the tent will shrink no more than 1-2%.
3. Feel free to call if you have any questions on shrinkage.