Stove Jack In A Canvas Tent

STOVEJACK IN SIDE WALLS OR END WALLS: I do not recommend a stove jack in the side wall or end wall due to numerous drawbacks.
It should be noted that a stove jack in the side wall or end wall requires an adjustable elbow on the stove and an adjustable elbow on the outside of the tent to allow the stove pipe to go straight up for a better draft.
Only straight pipe can be used for stove pipe going out a side wall.
Additionally, there must be some type of metal support on the outside of the tent to support the stove pipe. Otherwise your stove pipe will get loose and smoke will get in your tent.
Another drawback is that you cannot use nesting pipe when you use an elbow to turn the stove pipe upwards on the outside of your tent.
Remember, nesting pipe has a different size of pipe for each pipe section.
If you decide to put your stove jack in the side wall or end wall, I recommend you use metal screws to attach the stove pipe to the stove to prevent the stove pipe coming loose at the stove.

STOVE PIPE ABOVE RIDGE OF TENT: It is best to have your stove pipe long enough to extend 6 inches or more above the tent ridge.
Having the stove pipe above the tent ridge allows the wind coming from any direction to blow sparks away from the tent roof reducing the likelihood of spark holes being burnt in the roof.
If possible, try to position your canvas tent so the stove jack side is downwind from prevailing winds to reduce the possibility of sparks landing on the roof.

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