Sunforger Treatment


Sunforger is a Water & Mildew treatment added to the canvas - It is not a type of canvas.

ALL Sunforger treated canvas is imported from China, India & Pakistan.

There are three types of Water & Mildew treatment: Sunforger, Paraffin & Marine Grade. 

I sell different models of tents using all three different treatments. There is no difference in the quality of these Water & Mildew treatments.

If someone tells you there is a difference in quality, it is because that particular canvas treatment is all that company sells.

Strength of canvas is based on the quality of the canvas, not the treatment. 

If you start the Water & Mildew treatment process with good quality or poor quality canvas, you will end up with the same quality of canvas regardless of what Water & Mildew treatment is applied to the canvas. 

If someone tells you there is a difference in the quality of Water & Mildew treatments it is because that company sells only that particular treatment and they are trying a hard sell approach on you. 

Based on my experience selling thousands of tents, and customer comments , any claim Sunforger is a better Water & Mildew treatment is just a personal opinion. 

It is the same type of claim when a person says his Dodge truck is better than a Ford or a Chevy. It is all personal preference.