Tent Stove Information

STOVE PIPE VS TENT PIPE STOVE OPENING: Insure the stove that you buy has the correct size of stove pipe that matches the tent pipe opening.

Collapsible Stoves vs Non-Collapsible: Stove that collapses for compactness . Unless space is a critical factor, a non-collapsible stove is recommended.

Pellet Stoves: Stoves that burns pellets. Used in environments where wood is unavailable or if you do not want to cut firewood.. Some models of Riley pellet stoves burn pellets or wood.

Double Wall Stove: Riley stoves are the only lightweight tent stove company that have both a double bottom and double wall. (Colt models and larger) Riley stoves makes a high quality lightweight stove because the double bottom reduces the chance of a bottom burn out. Riley double wall tent stoves makes for a durable and heat efficient outdoor wood stove.

Packing: Packing smaller stoves allows the stove to fit into standard panniers easily or as a top pack. Larger stoves requir oversized panniers or to manty the stove on the side of a horse.

Features and Options: Most stove companies have the same options and features except Rain Cap and Spark arrestor. Some companies only offer a wire mesh spark arrestor and no rain cap. Be advised the wire mesh spark arrestors become clogged with ash and soot very quickly.

Rain cap to prevent snow and rain going stovedown pipe is recommended. Standard item on Wilderness, Yukon, Kni Co stove packages.

Some of the smaller stoves do not have a water tank or shelf that fits into the firebox due to the stove's size.

Storing and Transporting: I prefer a stove that all the accessories fit inside of the firebox for ease of transporting and storing.
Wood Cook Stove: All my wood burning stoves are very good wood cook stoves. The best hot spot on any stove is near the stove pipe as this is where all the hot air goes up the stove pipe.

FIRE TREATED CANVAS VS STOVE SPARKS: Stove sparks will burn holes in a fire treated roof. A spark arrestor will prevent most sparks from reaching your roof. However, the only 100 per cent method to prevent spark holes in a tent roof is to use a fly to protect the roof. It is much better to have a hole in a fly than in your tent roof. Unfortunately, I have had some customers buy flys after there were holes burned in their tent roof.

Reenactor Tent Stove: The most authentic looking reenactor stoves are square or rectangular stoves. The Wilderness stove is recommended.

DIAMETER OF STOVE PIPE: You have a better draw on nesting pipe that has a larger diameter as you set up the pipe. For example, a 5" nesting pipe has a better draw if it has a 6" diameter at the top section.  Some company  5" nesting necks down to a 4"  top pipe opening which significantly reduces the draw, especially at elevations above 5,000 feet.. Yukon and Wilderness stoves have a 6" diameter at the the top pipe section.

OUTSIDE WOOD STOVES: All my stoves can be an outside wood stove under an overhead tarp or fly. Sometimes campers have stoves completely out in the open.