Tent Stove Space Requirements


Stoves take up a large area in a tent.  The tent stove space requirements will affect the size of tent required for your hunting group as a stove takes the room of a cot and space for one person in a tent.  

You must plan on a stove taking up to 7 feet along a wall in your tent. 

There is an automatic 2 foot standoff from the front wall due to the stove jack location. 

The stove itself is normally around 2 feet in length. There is normally a 3 feet standoff distance from the wood camp stove before you can place a cot or table. 

HEAT SAFETY DISTANCE:  Always have at least a 2 foot area around your wood camping stove where there are no flammables. 

This 2 feet stand off is also required as sometimes the sparks might pop out of the stove air intake openings if there is not a screen covering the openings.  Be careful when opening the stove door as occasionally a spark will pop toward you or a small piece of burning wood might fall out of the stove.

A fire mat is needed if you have a floor in your tent.