Tent Wood Burning Stove

LEGS. Insert 3/4” legs into four fittings on bottom of stove.
PIPE. Assemble 4 sections of nesting  stove pipe.
Place the largest end of pipe through the stove pipe opening in the roof.
If you have a spark arrestor or rain cap, insert it into top section of nesting pipe.
Insert smallest end of nesting pipe, with the crimped end, into stove top opening.
Water tank.  Spigot, washer and faucet nut are inside the water tank.  Insert threaded end of spigot into tank.  Washer should be on threaded end of faucet and must be on outside of  tank.  Screw on  spigot nut and only hand tighten.  Do not use a wrench to tighten nut as too much pressure will damage rubber washer.
Tray.  Idaho tent wood burning stove is designed so you can place tray on either side of stove top.  Insert tray rods in to the two round openings on the side of the stove top .  Push tray rods firmly in to openings until  tray is touching stove top.
Most tent wood burning stoves have similar set up instructions in the event you have not purchased the Idaho Stove.