Wall Tent Maintenance

  • Zipper Maintenance: Always have zipper unzipped when placing/removing wall tents over a frame to prevent too much stress on zippers. As your tent roof gradually shrinks the tent will fit tighter on the frame and increase stress on the door zipper.
  • Recommendation: Cut rafters down as necessary to prevent unnecessary stress on zipper. You do not want to be camping in cold weather and have an unserviceable zipper.
  • Mildew: I suggest you read article at http://www.livestrong.com/article/167987-treatment-for-tent-mold-mildew/.  Never use bleach on wall tents as bleach destroys the treatment. Wherever bleach is used the tent is likely to leak.
  • Storage: Never store damp or wet wall tents. Always let the tent dry naturally. Your tent will get mildew if stored wet regardless if you have a mildew treated tent. I use a large plastic containers to store wall tents in during the winter. If a mouse gets inside a canvas tent bag it will burrow to the middle of the stored tent and cause significant damage and repair.
  • Cleaning Tent: Always brush off caked on dirt or mud (let mud dry) with a soft brush. Use only mild detergent like "Woollite". Use a hose and scrub lightly. I do not recommend a car wash cleaning due to the strong soap detergent and high pressure water. The key to keeping the inside of your tent clean is to follow my tent set up instructions.
  • UV Rays: Long exposure to the sun's UV rays will damage all wall tents. A fly is recommended to prevent UV damage if you set up your tent 2-3 weeks or longer annually. A tent fly also keeps your tent roof clean, snow slides off the tent better and acts as another weather barrier.
  • Leg Bottom Protectors: Legs will sit on top of sod cloth or floor. Use rubber bottom protectors similar to those on deck furiture legs to protect wooden decks. Rubber bottom protectors can be purchased at hardware stores.
  • Leaking Seams: Use Canvak tent sealer to stop leaking seams wall tents or purchase a fly.
  • Stoves or Lanterns: Keep stoves, propane cook stoves and lanterns away from canvas.
  • Set up Location: Be aware of which trees emit resins and avoid setting up under these types of trees.
  • Set up tent considering prevailing winds to keep sparks from blowing onto wall tents to prevent roof damage and repair costs.