Wood Stove For Tent

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Selecting the correct wood stove stove for tent is determined by the size of your tent and if you want to have a stove burn all night.  Large tents require large stoves. Large stoves are necessary to burn all night regardless of the size of tent you purchase.
Legs: Screw legs into bottom of  stove fire box.
Pipe:  Wilderness wood stove for tent  has 4 sections of nesting pipe.  Connect all four sections of pipe together before inserting smallest pipe, crimped end, into stove. Nesting pipe means that all 4 sections of pipe fit inside of one another. The smallest diameter of pipe goes into the stove pipe opening on the stove, after all 4 sections of pipe are assembled. Put the second smallest pipe , crimped end, into the  first pipe inserted into the stove.  Continue process until all 4 sections of pipe are installed.  Push pipe through stove jack opening.  Put pipe into stove pipe opening.
T Cap with spark arrestor. Put T Cap into top section of pipe.
Water Tank: Take spigot, O ring and nut out of tank. Put spigot with O ring on outside of tank.  Hand tighten spigot nut.  Attach tank to either side of tank. Always keep water in tank.  If there is no water in tank the O ring will melt.
Side Tray: Attach tray pins into side holes on top of stove.  Tray will fit on either side of stove.
Grate: Grate lays on bottom of stove fire box.
The wilderness wood stove for tent  has the same basic set up instructions as other wood stoves in the event you have a different stove.