Wood Stove Tent

Click WOOD STOVE TENT to view stoves from ten different stove manufacturers.
Stove models include heavy (thicker steel), light weight stoves and collapsible stoves.
There are 3-5 sizes available for any wood stove tent requirement. Call if you have questions.

Open box, but do not use a sharp cutting  instrument as you might cut through the box  and scratch the heat resistant paint on the Yukon Stove.
Put the top of the stove on the ground.
Screw in 1/2” legs into bottom of fire box.  Hand tighten.
Turn Cylinder over to its normal operating position and check for level.  If not level, adjust legs as necessary.
Assemble four sections of pipe.  Smallest section of nesting pipe, grooved end, will go into stove pipe opening.
Place largest end of assembled pipe through stove jack opening in roof and insert rain cap into top section of pipe.
Place bottom end of pipe into stove opening.  
Tray. Tray rods fit into either side of the yukon, wood stove tent,  at the side of the top section.
Water tank. Insert faucet , with O ring on the outside into the stainless steel water tank.  Hand tighten nut.
Bake on Paint.  Start a fire in stove. Adjust  air intake 1/3 open.  Burn stove for 3 hours.  Bake the paint outside of the tent as there is a strong burning odor.