Kits Weight Max Tent Length Aluminum Steel
3 Rafters/9 Angles 8 lbs 12' $245 $240
4 Rafters/12 Angles 11 lbs 18' $360 $355
5 Rafters/15 Angles 14 lbs 24' $440 $435
6 Rafters/18 Angles 17 lbs 30' $520 $515
Porch Kit- 2 Rafters/6 Angles 6 lbs 6' $185 $180
Porch Kit- 3 Rafters/9 Angles 1 lbs $255 $250
Angle Only $45 $40


Fixed steel angles are much less expensive than adjustable angles. Measure your tent. Call or email your measurements and we can determine what angles you need. 

Click also Angle Kit Instructions.

Aluminum Adjustable Angles

Ship date is 1 to 2 business days after order is received.

Adjustable aluminum angles come with two adjustments to fit different sizes of Montana Outfitter or Blend tents.

If your tent has a different angle requirement you can drill a hole in the angle adjustment and insert locking pin.

Aluminum angles only have a 1" overlap with conduit on all horizontal frame poles and a 3" overlap with rafters. The 1" overlap on horizontal frame sections makes setting up the tent difficult. If you need adjustable angles, I recommend the steel adjustable angle.


Adjustable steel angles with wing nut

Adjust angle and tighten wing nut to fit any tent.

Steel angles have a 3" overlap on horizontals and rafters.

Adjustable steel angles normally ship within 4-8 weeks.


95% of my customers buy an angle kit and make their own frame.

Click to view angle kit Instructions