Cook Shacks are designed to fit a Wilderness Tent.

A Cook Shack is 9' of canvas roof, sidewalls, and door at 1 end.  One end is completely open as it will overlap tent by 1'.  This creates 8' of usable space.

Cook shack is also commonly called a kitchen tent, cooking tent or a camper kitchen tent.

Extension of roof, walls, front enclosed with a door flap and zipper door.  Cook shack is 8' Long.

Does not attach to tent. 

5" stove jack.

Stove jack is 30" in from front left wall and 30" up roof line.

Includes ropes and tensioners to secure the cook shack to the ground.

Grommets on each ridge end and grommets along edges.

Eaves have webbing with D rings.

Make sure to select the right size cook shack that matches the width of your existing wall tent.

 Size Weight
8' Cook Shack for 10x12 Tent 38 lb
8' Cook Shack for 12x14 Tent 43 lb
8' Cook Shack for 14x16 Tent 46 lb
8' Cook Shack for 16x20 or 16x24 Tent 47 lb