Alaskan Packer
Tent Heating Capability 14x16 10x12
External Stove Dimensions

24" L

12" W

12" H

23" L

10" W

9.5" H

Internal Firebox Dimensions

22" L

10.75" W

11.5" H

21" L

8.5" W

9.5" H

Internal Cubic Feet
Stove Height With Folding Legs Open 20"
Metal Thickness 22 Gauge 22 Gauge
Holds Heat 5-6 Hours 3-4 Hours
Weight - Standard Package 25 lb 20 lb
Weight - Deluxe Package 32 lb 27 lb
Tapered Pipe Size

5" - 4"

4 - 20" Sections

5" - 4"

4 - 20" Sections

Height with Stove Pipe and Damper Sleeve



Standard Package (Stove, Pipe, Damper, Spark Arrestor)

Deluxe Package (Stove, Water Tank, Shelf, Pipe, Damper, Spark Arrestor)

STANDARD PACKAGE: stove, pipe, damper, rain cap/spark arrestor.

DELUXE PACKAGE: water tank, side shelf, stove, pipe, damper, rain cap/spark arrestor.  Water tank holds 2 gallons.

  1. Kni-Co stoves have a lifetime guarantee on manufacturer defect and workmanship.
  2. Sheepherder stove is also commonly known as a Kni-Co stove.
  3. Kni-Co Stove Packer and Alaskan stoves shown above. Alaskan Stove is on left side.
  4. Stove Deluxe package includes stove, stove pipe, damper, spark arrestor, water tank, side shelf. 
  5. Stove standard package includes stove, stove pipe, damper, spark arrestor
  6. Stove pipe, water tank, shelf, damper and sleeve fit into the Alaskan Stove firebox. However, Kni -Co water tank won't fit inside the Packer Stove firebox.
  7. Alaskan and Packer stoves both made from 22 gauge cold rolled steel to reduce/resist warpage.
  8. False Bottom is designed to lift the fire off the bottom of the stove, eliminating the need for sand or dirt. This helps keep the bottom of the stove from warping and burning out. The False Bottoms are made with two pieces, giving it the ability to easily go through the door of the stove and then adjust to cover the bottom from side to side.
  9. Nesting stove pipe, 77" long, 4 pieces, larger stove pipe piece fits into next smaller stove pipe piece.
  10. Stove pipe opening is 5" at stove. 4 3/4" stove pipe size going through the tent roof, and 4" at top of pipe.
  11. Door air intake shield helps prevents sparks popping out the air intake holes.
  12. Packer and Alaskan wall tent stoves are lightweight and reliable stoves.
  13. Side shelf will fit either side.
  14. Fold up sturdy legs.
  15. Stack Robber/Improved spark arrestor is the best spark arrestor available. The spark arrestor/stack robber normally fits directly after the first pipe section. Spark arrestor screen slides into the stack robber. Removal and cleaning is very easy. A spark arrestor on the top of the smoke stack becomes clogged easily and is difficult to take down and clean. The improved spark arrestor allows you to clean the spark arrestor much easier and more often. Stack Robber is an option and not part of the package.

Recommendation: Buy the Kni-Co stove Alaskan for additional heating capability if you are trying to decide between the Alaskan and Packer. The Alaskan is 50% larger than the Packer and only costs $20.00 extra.

Prices for accessories and add to this order items only valid when ordered with a stove.