Wilderness Luxury Tent Standard Features: Our Standard Features are $300 worth of options on some other luxury tent models.

  • Free front zippered door.
  • Free 8" storm flaps with buckle (Colorado door) to protect front & back door zippers.
  • Free back door or free back window your choice (16 x 20 and 16 x 24 free back door only, no back window option).
  • Free reinforced eave with webbing entire length of eave. Webbing is on bottom of eave to allow rain and snow to run off eave easily and is much stronger than just canvas.
  • Steel D rings sewn into webbing. Also, much stronger than other tents with their metal grommets pressed into canvas.
  • Free reinforced tent ridge. Extra layer of canvas entire length of ridge for reinforcement. 5' side walls.
  • Free tent bag.
  • Free 10" vinyl sod cloth sewn onto bottom of the wall, acts as an air seal.
  • Free ropes and tensioners.
  • Free 5" or 6"stove jack located in roof, side wall or back wall - your choice.
  • Free ridge opening on each end to allow lodge pole set up. Flaps when lodge pole not used.


FIRE RESISTANT CANVAS: Meets CPAI 84 fire retardant code. If a tent is not specifically treated for fire resistance it will burn quickly. Fire Resistant canvas will only burn when there is a flame source present on the canvas. When you remove the flame source the wall tent will stop burning. However, there is no wall tent made that will not burn.