Montana Canvas uses only grade-A, cotton duck canvas. USA finishing. Meets California's high fire treatment standards and is also water and mildew resistant.

18 x 23 Montana Canvas luxury tents with box and ropes and a 16x23 or larger with floor will probably weigh more than 150 lbs.  Therefore, these tents will definitely require shipment by truck which is more expensive. 

Sewn In Floor Option: Made of white laminated vinyl for strength and ease of cleaning. Nylon stake loops. Stove location on floor has a zipper for rollback of either the vinyl or relite sewn in floor. 

The Montana Canvas Luxury Tent, known as glamping tents, can be ordered with many different options. Please give us a call if you are interested in ordering any of the following options: 

                                                                                             CUSTOM OPTIONS

  • Custom Luxury Tent Sizes
  • Ridge Opening to Allow Lodge Pole to support Roof and have the Rustic Look
  • Custom Window (screen or plastic)
  • Windows that Have Plastic Boat Windows that you can view through during inclement weather. During good weather you can zip down plastic and have a screened mesh window.
  • Screen Door
  • Zippered Door - Entire width of tent
  • Tie Door
  • Roll up door, any width you desire
  • Canvas Tarps/Flys that cover entire tent with a covered are to the front- view photos
  • Wood Door Opening, allow you to install wood doors on the deck.
  • Zippered Corners, to allow roll up of the side wall
  • Screen Sidewalls
  • Custom Porch with Screen Sidewalls
  • Oversized Fire Treated Porch
  • Eave Opening with Flap
  • Eave Socks
  • Ridge Socks
  • 6' to 8' Walls
  • Custom openings in walls for air conditioners/vents/outlets
  • Custom opening in roof for fans
  • Interior Tent Dividers
  • Interior Rooms
  • Custom Location for Doors, Windows and Stove Jack placement

We can make Montana Canvas luxury tents to almost any specification. Feel free to call or email us your requirements.

Products manufactured by Montana Canvas are warranted against defects of materials and workmanship. Any product found defective will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of Montana Canvas) without charge when the product is returned to the retail seller with freight charges prepaid.  All warranty issues are handled directly by the Montana Canvas Company.

This warranty is voided with the use of cleaning or treatment agents or compounds that have not been approved by Montana Canvas. This warranty does not cover torn fabric or merchandise damaged through misuse, accident, or transportation. The manufacturer makes no other warranty either express or implied and shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages. This warranty applies only to new products sold at retail value and to the original purchaser. 


Tent Weights and Peak Heights listed below:

  Poly Cotton 10 oz 12 oz
8x10 42 lb 46 lb 50 lb
10x12 55 lb 61 lb 64 lb
10x14 60 lb 66 lb 71 lb
12x14 63 lb 70 lb 80 lb
12x17 68 lb 75 lb 84 lb
14x17 83 lb 92 lb 100 lb
14x20 88 lb 98 lb 110 lb
16x20 97 lb 107 lb 128 lb
16x23 105 lb 117 lb 138 lb
18x23 126 lb 140 lb 151 lb

Blend Relite
8x10 28 lb 16 lb
10x12 37 lb 21 lb
10x14 40 lb 23 lb
12x14 42 lb 25 lb
12x17 45 lb 28 lb
14x17 56 lb 32 lb
14x20 59 lb 36 lb
16x20 65 lb 41 lb
16x23 71 lb 44 lb
18x23 85 lb 51 lb
Peak with 5' Walls Peak with 6' Walls
8x10 7'11" 8'11"
10x12 8'11" 9'11"
10x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x14 8'11" 9'11"
12x17 8'11" 9'11"
14x17 10' 11'
14x20 10' 11'
16x20 9'8" 10'8"
16x23 9'8' 10'8"
18x23 10'3" 11'3"