Size (sleeps 2-3) Canvas Weight Relite Weight
12 x 12 $1575 65 lbs $1575 25 lbs
Current Montana Range Tent ship date is 15 - 16 weeks.

  1. Range Tent is also commonly called Range A- Frame Tent.
  2. Montana Canvas range tents also available in Relite, a synthetic material.
  3. Montana Canvas range tents have a 10 oz canvas water mildew and FIRE, treatment. A special heavy paraffin treatment is applied to the canvas for the water, mildew, and fire treatment.
  4. Front Zippered door with storm flap with buckles.
  5. Inverted T zipper.
  6. Range tent center pole is 1 " aluminum, INCLUDED. 3 Sections. Longest section is 3 ' long.
  7. Tent and frame is very easy to set up. No tools required - slip joint system. Set up time 5 minutes for 1 person, 3 minutes for 2 people.
  8. 9" Peak height.
  9. Stove jack with a weather flap in your choice of 4", 5", or 6" opening. Flap includes velcro and buckles. Stove jack is on right side in the roof as you enter the tent. Center of stove jack is centered in right side wall and 4' 6" up the right side wall. A 5' stove jack will be standard unless otherwise specified. 4” or 6” stove jacks also available.
  10. Heavy vinyl reinforcement at the peak of range tents.
  11. O ring at peak, reinforced, to tie to a tree limb when center pole is not used. Along the walls at bottom of tent Montana Range Tents have 18 oz truck vinyl with 1/4" rope sewn between two layers of canvas doubled stitched. This reinforcement is to ensure extra strength at all nylon loop locations for staking to ground.
  12. Webbing at top of door for reinforcement.
  13. Setting up range tent can be accomplished by staking out the four corners of the tent  then installing the aluminum center pole. Easiest tent  set up available.
  14. The range tent is used often by horse packers who want a fast set up and tear down tent when traveling long distances with many campsites.
  15. If you are a beginner on horses or horse packing I suggest you read my packing tips on
  16. All warranty issues are handled directly by the Montana Canvas Company.

Montana Canvas Range Tent Standard Features

  • Zippered door - heavy duty YKK # 10
  • Storm door flap with buckles
  • Front screen door
  • Back window
  • Stove jack 4", 5" or 6", with tie down flap
  • Sewn in floor Relite or Vinyl – your choice
  • Tent bag
  • Screened mesh back window