Tent Size (WxL)- Sleeps 2-3 Canvas Tent and Frame Weight Relite Tent and Frame weight
12 x 10 $1800 95 lbs $1800 65 lbs
Front and Back Zippered Doors with Buckles
2 Windows
Sewn-in Floor with Horizontal Zipper (Upside down T-zipper)
Aluminum Frame
Fly with Poles
Eave Ropes
Stove Jack 4,5 or 6 inches
Tent Bag

The Montana Canvas Wedge Tent is available in sizes up to 18' in length. Please give us a call if you are interested in ordering these sizes. 

  • Front & back screen doors are standard with inverted T for screen door zippers.
  • A great, great tent for quick set up.
  • Montana Canvas wedge tents have a 10 oz canvas with a special heavy paraffin water, mildew, fire finished treatment that should make the wedge tent very water, mildew and fire resistant.
  • Front & back doors  with storm flap with buckles.
  • Wedge tent frame made of aluminum, 1 inch outside diameter. Longest piece is 5' long.
  • Frame consists of a single vertical pole on each tent end, with a ridge pole. Additional vertical support pole in middle of tent $60. Wedge tent 12' and longer has a center vertical pole support.
  • Interior frame option. Angles for ridge only - 3 angles, $80 including shipping. 9 angles for 3 rafter angle kit, $170 including shipping. Call to order. 109" slope.
  • Tent and frame is very easy to set up. No tools required - slip joint system. Set up time15 minutes for 1 person, 5-8 minutes for 2 people.
  • Peak height is 8" 6"
  • Stove jack with a weather flap in your choice of 4", 5", or 6" opening. Flap includes velcro and buckles. Stove jack is on right side in the roof as you enter the tent. Center of stovejack is 32" from right endwall and 4' up the right side wall. A 5' stovejack will be standard unless otherwise specified.
  • 3 inch eave along side walls at 3' to pull tent's sides out and to tie down with ropes to stakes. Grommets every 2 to 3'.
  • Full length ridge pole reinforcement with extra layer of canvas and additional reinforcement at the gable ends.
  • At the side bottoms of Montana Canvas wedge tents there is 18 oz truck vinyl with 1/4" rope sewn between two layers of canvas doubled stitched. This reinforcement is to ensure extra strength at all nylon loop locations for staking to ground.
  • Webbing at top of door for reinforcement. 
  • 2 inch opening at each ridge end. For packers, for a ridge pole you can use a rope or plastic coated cable tied between 2 trees.If weight reduction is critical.
  • Relite is a synthetic fabric. Using a propane stove or boiling water will cause condensation. A wood burning stove usually helps prevent condensation caused by breathing. Opening a window several inches also prevents condensation. Relite will not shrink 1-3% like canvas and no shrinkage reduction factor is required for an internal frame.
  • Sewn in floor: made of white laminated vinyl for strength and ease of cleaning. Relite floors available for relite wedge tents. Nylon stake loops. 
  • A center pole is required for wedge tents that are 12' and longer.

 Montana Canvas wedge tents are a very good choice for individuals who want a quick set up and are acceptable to less headroom. 

All warranty issues are handled  directly by the Montana Canvas Company.