Designed for Wilderness Tents.  10oz Fire, Water, Mildew Treated Canvas.

5' is the standard sidewall height.  Option for 6' sidewalls available.

Actual porch length is 9', to allow for a 1' overhang on tent.

No stove jack option.

Porch does not attach to tent.  1' overlap of tent roof.

Porch has grommets at each end of the of the ridge and d-rings along edges for securing porch to the ground.

Porch eaves have webbing and d-rings.

200' of rope and 20 tensioners provided.

 Size Weight
8' Porch for 10x12 Tent 27 lb
8' Porch for 12x14 Tent 29 lb
8' Porch for 14x16 Tent 31 lb
8' Porch for 16x20 Tent 34 lb
8' Porch for 16x24 Tent 34 lb