Vinyl floor is made of heavy duty 18 oz vinyl. Most other companies offer 8-12 oz vinyl. If you are considering buying a vinyl floor from another company I would ask them what weight the floor is.

The heavier the vinyl is the better. On lightweight vinyl floors, if you step on a sharp twig or a sharp small rock it is very likely you would puncture the floor. The floor now is no longer waterproof.

Punctures are less likely with 18 oz vinyl. However, always clear your floor of all rocks and twigs before you set up camp regardless if you have lightweight or heavy vinyl.

My floors are continuous with no cut out or zippered area. With a zipper area or cut out, water, bugs and mice can go under under the floor and be in your tent. Our floors have grommets on all 4 corners to stake your floor down.

If you have a stove in your tent always have something fireproof under the stove. We have roll up 3' x 4' fireproof mats if you need one.

 Size Weight
8x10 10 lb
10x12 15 lb
12x14 20 lb
14x16 28 lb
16x20 40 lb
16x24 46 lb