Horse Packing Wall Tents

WALL TENTS.   Nylon tents are fine during summer.  However, during the fall, winter and spring  WALL TENT  and a tent stove are a must to dry out your gear and to keep you dry and warm.  Personally, I only use fire treated tents to reduce the possibility my tent and equipment won’t burn when I’m on a hunting trip.
Packing a Wall Tent Frame Insure wall tent frame pieces are approximately the same length in two bags. Tie bungee cords tightly around the frame pieces on each side to insure the frame pieces don’t slide back and forth and change the pack load balance or make noise.  I secure the frame bags on top of both of my hard pannier inserts.
WALL TENT.  I recommend you do not roll your tent up when packing on horses.  A lot of beginners roll up their  wall tents  and try to make it a top pack load.  A round tent can easily fall to one side and cause a wreck.  I fold my tent into a rectangle, put it in a rectangle tent bag and drape it over the pack saddle extending about 18-24 inches on each side. I  then put a lash cinch around the tent to secure it..  No chance of the wall tent causing a problem during a long pack.