Tent With Wood Stove

Tent with wood stove available in several models.  The Montana Tent and Wilderness Tent are the most popular.

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All tent stoves listed on my website can be used in our canvas tents.  Each tent has a stove pipe opening in the tent.

These openings have a 16" x 16" fire proof material  commonly called  a stove jack.  The stove jack is located in the roof or a wall depending on personal preference.

Most tents with wood stoves have the stove jack in the roof as the stove pipe goes straight up and are easier to install.  Stove pipes in side walls require 2 elbows and some typeof outside pipe support.  Not recommended based on my experience.  Rich

Stove jack placement in roofs are a minimum of 24" from any wall for safety requirements.  Some individuals place a heat shield on side walls to prevent the walls from getting hot.

If you have any questions about a tent with wood stove safety requirements feel free to call us.